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The spell "Thoughtsteal" allows the priest to gain an extra card, giving the priest a potentially 2 card advantage in ranked and casual play, and even more so in arena (extra card for each cast, limit 2 in casual/ranked). No other class is allowed to exceed the 30 limit. Instead of allowing this, adding to the spell a destroy a card feature could balance it, or just make it a one card copy from opponents deck. The edge this gives is that in longer games where players run out of cards, the priest could take 3 less damage and his opponent could rack up 2 turns of no card damage resulting in at least a 6 damage late game difference(1 and 2 damage for the first 2 turns of no cards, more if the opponent is already out x 2 for each player).
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I feel like, given that you're talking about potentially the weakest class to play currently, that a nitpick like this is gratuitous. Especially given the random nature and that it's possible to get cards that can't even be utilized.

I'm all for seeing a logical discussion on the merits of card balance, but you're going to need to show why this "edge" is more of one than other classes posses and what really tips it out of balance. From a fatigue standpoint, as a priest, you have multiple ways to heal yourself which can easily result in a win from a board stalemate.
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The extra 2 cards don't really make a difference considering they are random and can be absolute garbage.
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The spell is essentially identical to Arcane Intellect from mages, You spend a card to draw two, except you are grabbing the cards from a card pool that's not your deck, and potentially weak or even useless for your deck synergy.

I don't see the problem here.
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OP, your argument is nonsensical.

Every card gives you some form of power in exchange for casting it. You have made absolutely no case to argue that Thoughtsteal's power is excessive. It gives you two cards. On the plus side, yes, you don't draw through your deck to get them. On the minus side, it also does not thin down your deck the way normal draw cards do. Also on the minus side, they are cards from your opponent's deck, which will usually not fit into your own play as well as cards from your own deck.
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its +1 card. you use the card to get 2 random cards. if you can't even do that math correctly on something as simple as that I don't think you're someone they want to listen to for balance decisions.

also it's 3 mana and totally random. if you used it on a warrior, you could end up with a gorehowl or you could end up with a shield slam that does nothing since you can't gain armor.

it's a strongish card because it gives you hand advantage and it also has high potential, but it's not OP

finally i dont even understand your basic argument. fatigue? it does nothing to affect the number of cards drawn by either player before fatigue sets in.
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