Looking for feedback on my deck

I named it the "Die!!" deck because i was lazy, lol.


Tell me what you think. so far it has gotten me from rank 25 to rank 12 and I'm still on a win streak

Edit: Deck changed to reflect current deck
Edited by Morronic on 3/5/2014 1:09 PM PST
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I feel like if you are going to have perditions blade and 2xpoisons it makes sense to have a blade flurry. Combo into PerdBlade, deal 2 damage to hero or big minion from battlecry, add poison, attack once, then Blade Flurry for what is basically a flame strike by a Mage: 4 damage to all except it also attacks hero. And if there are no taunts you just did 8 - 12 damage to enemy and cleared board for 6 mana (if the combo card was 0 cost)

Bonus: no worry of weapon removal after poison because you already used both durability efficiently)
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so would you say replacing fan of knives with blade flurry would be better?
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Blade fury isn't that good. That combo mentioned above requires three cards...
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At worst it's a FoK that destroys your weapon, but regularly it's a 3dmg aoe when used on your hero powers last durability when poisoned.

Iunno, intend to find use for it even without the weapons in my deck.
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It doesn't require three cards when he ALREADY has the first two in his deck and will use them regardless. That's absurd. Yes technically it requires 3 cards to pull off combo but he is already playing the weapon and poison and I'd assume plans to use them. By throwing in blade on last durability he does 4 damage to all minions and to hero thus usually clearing 3 to 5+ minions. All cards are situational. But the trade and board control you get with a proper blade flurry is much better than you make it out to be. Again I can't stress this enough.... It also damages their hero. So it's as if you swung your weapon for final durability and also played Mage flame strike. But for much less mana.
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02/10/2014 12:00 AMPosted by BurtThaMan
It doesn't require three cards when he ALREADY has the first two in his deck and will use them regardless.

Hes talking about having all 3 cards in his hand at the same time while in game which make the combo very situationnal. Nothing to do with having the cards in the deck in general. The combo looks nice on paper and its cool when it happen, but its not that often.
On that note, i really like FoK when its mixed with some spell power. But hes only running 1 azure drake instead of the usual 2 azure + 1 bloodmage.

I dont know how the sunfurys are doing for you but you dont seem to have alot of target worthy of being taunted (they're pretty much all low health). I'd replace at least 1 sunfury for another defender of argus, the buff is so much more useful.

I'd also remove 1 assassinate for another azure drake. from my experience, having 2 assassinates often clumps your hand when you hardly ever need 1.

the rest seems fine. good luck with ranking up
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Well, This deck finished me at rank 5 last season. I made one change which was replacing one assassinate with a betrayal and it seemed to work out pretty well because it was basically an assassinate in most cases anyway.

Edit: i didnt get stuck at rank 5, I just didnt feel like laddering after i hit rank 5, so this deck could have gone to higher ranks.
Edited by Morronic on 3/5/2014 1:17 PM PST
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I made a few tweaks to make your deck fit my personal taste but I really like the foundation! Nice deck Morronic :)
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this might be too inconsistent i think. way too many different cards
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03/04/2014 04:02 AMPosted by CokeAddMilk
this might be too inconsistent i think. way too many different cards

I can see where you may think that becasue of the variety of cards. But the way I look at it is that you have a good chance at getting a good opener because a lot of games can be determined in the first few turns. having a ringleader, faerie dragon, or SI:7 agent in the opening hand can actually be quite a good opening hand. After that, its all about keeping board control which this deck is really good at. 9 times out of 10 I have and maintain board control
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