Hearthstone Haikus


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Im bored. And all these same threads with the same whining isnt helping. So to make things more interesting I suggest people at least get creative and if you are going to whine then make it a haiku. =)

For example:

Facing Warlock rush
Finally get board control
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Jaraxxus ain't so bad to deal with when you have board control.
Board control + 1 turn while he doesn't do anything ( beside attacking with his weapon ) isn't so bad.

Anyway, my take :

Blind guy play hearthstone
Find out about murloc decks
Click random, win games
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Dark, cold night
A merciless wind blowin'
I pull up a chair by the Hearth.
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Complaining about
Card X is overpowered
These posts need to stop

Seriously, Wisp?
It costs 0 mana guys!
It must be O.P.!
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You face Anduin
This is going to take a while
Time to grab a beer
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Tyrion, shiny guy
The dude should have a theme song
Silenced too often.
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Legendary draft
Unstoppable twelve 0 run

i keed, i keed haha
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Game not Pay to win
All cards earned by many fights
Winning brings you fame
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To much RNG
This game is more luck than skill
Top deck FTW
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Is this pay to win
Or is this game free to play
Who cares, play the game
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His deck was better
He had more legendaries
More excuses, please
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Playing against a Priest.
Facing the mighty turn-1 Cleric.
I'd better concede.

Losing board control.
My only hope.
Taz'dingo, heheh.

With tears in my eyes.
I witness this miracle.
Sheep killing a Mage.
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Lol these are really good.
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I need to top deck
Must pray to RNGesus
Woo! I have lethal
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How does this game work
No idea what triggers first
We need a rule book
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Your minions are lovely!
Luckily, I'm playing Priest.
Thanks for Ysera.

The light shall burn you!
Forgot about my Soulpriest...
The light burned me, too. ;_;
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"The Coin is O.P"
"I am an M.T.G Vet"
Your Usual Threads

Worthy Opponent
Oh Lovely, Another Priest
Suddenly, Northshire.
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Remember card draw
No deck is complete without;
Mind if I roll need?
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Nat Pagle OP
He can draw to many cards
Silent fisherman
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