Minion heavy rogue deck

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I heard minion heavy rogue decks were the way to go now. So i made a deck, but i've no legendaries nor epics so far. So any tips on playstyle or which legendaries or epics should i get first are very apriciated im currently rank 15-16 can't move much.

backstab x2
deadly poison x2
argent squire x2
blade flurry x1
eviscerate x2
sap x2
defias ringleader x2
loot hoarder x2
sunfury protector
harvest golem x2
shattered sun cleric x2
sl 7 agent x2
defender of argus
senjin shieldmasta
assassinate x2
azure drake x2
argent commander x2
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mm i tried the minion heavy deck its very weak imo but fun, for 1 cost minion use south sea deckhand, you also want knife juggler for this deck, no sap and dark iron dwarf instead of taz dingo. One cold blood could also b considered. and only one assassinate, two is one too many change for leeroy when you get him use spellbreaker, spiteful smith, chillwind or gnomish inventor instead .
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i heard the minion heavy deck was strong. What do u suggest?
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This is what I run and its honestly become my favorite deck right now:

backstab x2
shadow step x2
deadly poison x2
leper gnome x2
eviscerate x2
defias ringleader x2
loot hoarder x2
faerie dragon x2
tinkmaster overspark x1
harvest golem x2
shattered sun cleric x1
sl 7 agent x2
leeroy jenkins x1
defender of argus x2
azure drake x2
argent commander x2
sylvanas x1

Quick analysis of the cards in bold:

Leper Gnome - It doesn't last as long as the Argent Squire but will be guaranteed to almost always deal 2 damage because of its death rattle. For guys like Hunters, Warriors, Paladins, Warlocks and Shamans, this guy can be a big headache if they don't have a form of quick removal at hand.

Faerie Dragon - probably the best 2 drop card in the game. Its nigh impossible for almost every class to kill this creature in the early game (especially mages, priests and warlocks) and it can get fatter with the Shattered Sun Cleric or Defender of Argus allowing it to escape Holy Novas, Consecrations, and so on. If you're opponent is going to get rid of it, he's either going to have to take the extra 3 damage by meleeing it with a weapon, or use a critter with battlecry: deal 2 damage.

Shadow Step - This card's main function is to use as a very cheap way to kill off the enemy when paired with Leeroy. It also works great when you recycle Argent Commanders, SI:7 and Shattered Sun Clerics

Tinkmaster Overspark - the main function of this card is to get rid of taunters when you need to make the finishing kill or get rid of headache legendaries like Ragnaros, Sylvanas, Cairne Bloodhoof, Tirion and so on. Whether you get the squirrel or devilsaur, at least it doesn't have the awesome ability it once had.

Sylvanas - Probably still the best legendary IMO because it forces your opponent to change his game plan for a turn or two no matter what he had in plan. She hits hard and forces your opponent to clean HIS OWN board if he doesn't want to donate a creature to you.

Leeroy - The ultimate finishing card in this rogue deck. Goes great with eviscerate and even better with Shadowstep.
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I wished I had those three legendarys, that deck looks nice.

I'm trying a more minion-oriented deck myself now (not THAT heavy on the minions though) but haven't played enough to tell you if it is any good:

0: Backstab (x2)
1: Cold Blood (x2), Deadly Poison (x2)
2: Blade Flurry, Eviscerate (x2), Shiv, Knife Juggler (x2), Loot Hoarder
3: Perdition's Blade, Fan of Knives, Imp Master(x2), Raging Worgen (x2), SI:7 Agent (x2)
4: Defender of Argus, Gnomish Inventor, Master of Disguise
5: Assassinate, Azure Drake (x2), Gadgetzan Auctioneer
6: Argent Commander
6: Sunwalker

I put the Worgen in so I could eventually pull off the Shiv/Worgen/double cold blood-combo (hasn't happened yet ;-).

I also like the Knife Juggler/Imp Master synergy.

I do have a VanCleef but am not sure which card to take out of the deck. Fan of Knives maybe? Or Shiv and use something else for the Worgen.
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Hey Donzyy, what rank have you achieved using that deck. Just curious.
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I am currently at rank 6, using a very similar deck like Donzyyy here. However, I have swapped shadowsteps for cold blood and one shattered sun cleric for assasinate.

I learned that if UTH huntards or other similar classes without a form of hard removal or taunt try to play aggressively, many times a cold-blooded minion (often ignored Argent Squire) can make them rethink their strategy.

Also great for surprise killings those nasty buffed up creatures.

I believe that Cold Blood is much more versatile than Shadowstep, even if it means sacrificing 2 points of Leeroy's damage.
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I also play a similar deck, but I really like having 2x CB and 2x SS. The combo with leeroy and the versatility of CB and SS are huge.

While I would like to have assassinate, I feel this takes away from dropping minions. Yes those nasty taunts can be a pain for a rogue. I was thinking of crafting Black knight to deal with heavy taunters. This way I kill a big taunt and drop a minion. If you have the dust and can go legendary minion deck with
black knight
Vancleef (maybe)

If playing against a lot of big minions, which is pretty common now in the meta, perhaps think about big game hunter too. I find one of the big weaknesses in most rogue decks is the ability to handle big creatures and taunters late game. Black knight and big game hunter will fix that.

Not sure what to remove to add in all these legendary mobs, but I would like to try it once I get all these cards.
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Here is what I run.

Backstab x2
Shadowstep x2
Deadly Poison x2
Leper Gnome x2
Blade Flurry x1
Eviscerate x2
Defias Ringleader x2
Faerie Dragon x2
Perdition's Blade x1
Big Game Hunter x1
Harvest Golem x2
Shattered Sun cleric x1
SI:7 Agent x2
Defender of Argus x2
Leeroy Jenkins x1
Azure Drake x2
Faceless Manipulator x1
Argent Commander x2

I feel like it is a strong deck but I've been hovering around rank 15 on the ladder getting smacked with decks with 5-7 legendary cards and just run out of steam.
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