This is a fun deck, not sure how it'll stack up against some other types of decks in higher ranks, but so far it has a high win rate and has measures of dealing with taunt. I often end up killing people by turn 5 or 6, or if the game goes on longer you play it a bit more like a control deck.

Here's the list:

-Inner Rage x2
-Whirlwind x2 (super versatile for enraging creatures)
-Heroic Strike x1 (4 damage for 2 mana, super efficient)
-Amani Berserker x2 (following up with inner rage gives a nice 7 damage to the face and he usually survives to do it)
-Cruel Taskmaster x2 (just so versatile, can remove one health minions or can enrage your creatures)
-Shield Block x2
-Raging Worgen x2
-Arathi Weaponsmith x2
-Kor'kron Elite x2
-Spellbreaker x2 (need I say more? Allows you to bypass endgame taunts and puts a 4/3 on the board that if not dealt with will wildly increase chances of lethal damage on the next turn)
-Arcanite Reaper x2
-Azure Drake x1
-Gadgetzan Auctioneer x1
-Gurbashi Berserker x2 (These guys can be monstrous in this deck and often soak up removal, inner rage gives him +5 attack. Do it 3 times and you have a 17/4).
-Spiteful Smith x1 (This guy often wins me games since if left unchecked you inner rage him for +2 attack and equip a weapon that does 2 more damage, allowing for a nice face smash of 13 damage should he survive).
-Argent Commander x2 (Super potent charge, if going for the face often survives a turn to do it again)

Things I would like to add to this deck are Bloodmage Thalnos, Baron Geddon, Ragnaros, Leeroy Jenkins (those little drakes could always be useful to enrage something), Slam x2, Brawl and Frothing Berserker x2.

The way I play this deck is sort of based on why the old Warrior #1 Legend ranked OTK deck was so nice. It's got some nifty ways of getting cards and removing things. I.e. you use Azure Drake and inner rage and you can do 5 damage with a fiery war axe swing (just used that to kill a Sen'jin). Gadgetzan auctioneer draws a metric !@#$ton of cards when you have cheap removal spells.

There are tons of combos you can create on the fly. I managed to do 17 damage from an empty board with one Arcanite Reaper swing left, overkilling by 6 damage. It wasn't a super gimmicky combo like charge+raging worgen. It was just use a couple of inner rages on a Kor'kron elite and use heroic strike with the arcanite.

So far loving this deck. I leave out cards like charge because, well, charge is terrible and relies on gimmicks. You lose too many cards for what you get. If it was +4 attack, I could see a case for taking it. But it isn't.

Anyways, any suggestions would be welcome. I just made this deck last night and testing has worked well so far.