Priest is such a garbage class

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I don't use MC as a priest, its just too slow. id rather run deathwing.......
But as an argument you really shouldn't be relying on a single card to pull you a win. if you have an advantage and a tirion in hand there is no reason to drop him turn 10+. Don't play anything you aren't prepared to be MCed unless you will lose otherwise.
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I'm confused, are priests good enough to make it to among the highest ranks with a basic completely free deck or one of the worst performing classes and complete garbage?
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02/12/2014 05:11 PMPosted by JohnKelly
Mind Control costs 10 mana, which means that it cannot be played until turn ten and also that you cannot play anything else. In addition, the Mind Controlled minion cannot attack the same turn.

So yes, it is completely fair.

Priest's powerwords are also fair. You'll be surprised at how easy priests are to beat when you play 4 attack minions and Harvest Golems.

Yes it has downsides. No it is not fair.
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You forgot about mind games.... take a card from their deck and put it INTO PLAY..... ;D lol just thought you needed to know that one too... but yes i have a hard time vs priests but they CAN be beat.... they jsut have a lot of good basic cards
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I think the reason players have problems vs priest is you have to adapt your playstyle. Like instead of many weak minions followed by a big giant minion consider sticking to the middle ground.

Chillwind yeti, spellbreaker, argent commander. These are some solid 4 drops that give priests a hard time and are usually in a deck anyway. Just don't catch yourself in a situation where you only have deathwing and you know he has a MC. At that point you played into his hands.
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02/12/2014 05:07 PMPosted by Steele
x4 Cost efficient hard removal options [shadow word: twisting nether]

Twisting Nether is a warlock card. Get your facts right before you post.

02/12/2014 05:07 PMPosted by Steele
And don't get me started on avenging wrath. Consecration necessarily does more damage if the enemy has 3+ minions on the board. The flipside is that sometimes AW does more than 2 dmg to minions. Which is ok, if it weren't for the fact that the damage distribution comes down to RNG.

I'm not sure what the point of this entire paragraph is. It has nothing to do with priests at all.
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Well let me add my point of view to solve this discussion.

Im running a priest deck (my main by the way), the build is nothing to uncomon, 2 sw:p, 1 sw:d, mc..

I have a solid start with wild pyro plus cheap spells and that will word of most early agression very effectively, but here comes the problem:(for priests that is)

MID GAME, priests have a huge lack of removal for the mid game, so they relly on minions to keep the enemy at bay untill they get to the late game. If a paladin wipes your bord with things like equality, truesilver, or nulifies your treats with aldor peacekeeper, it is mostly gg.

Disclaimer: The above case tends to happen when your opponet plays an aboundance of 4 attack minions :)

Sorry for my gramar, rank 13 at the moment, getting my !@# kicked by paladins.
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I play both and I have to say the power discrepancy is quite obvious... In fact, paladins heal better when it's suppose to be a priest specialty. Also for two quests straight the game is asking for paladin quests hence my win streak with paladin instead of my priest.... the streak included lethal decks like giants warlocks, miracle rogues, and a crap ton of rush decks.

Paladins and warlocks are the only classes capable of cleaning the entire board regardless of defense values... Warlocks can do it with one card, but paladins can do it with 4 mana.

If you are having problems with priests as early as now (which I haven't lost to in maybe since last week). Then the level of difficulty may just be too advanced for you. In which we encourage you to practice a bit more before trying to advance your rank further.

As for your deck: Imho, Crazed alchemist is a great card but may be redundant with paladins... A class that has the ability to modify both attack and defense values. Also, you have leeroy jenkins but he's the only aggro minion and your minion number is too few to be a face deck. You have a single youthful brewmaster so you may be waiting for a double Leeroy, but if that's the win condition then that's basically a priest with a IF + DS combo only the chances are even smaller because of being single copies... Taunt also makes this a dead card in your hand.
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My favorite Priest move is when he thoughtsteals my only Deathwing, then doubles it's health the next round on a three mana draw. I had no answer in my hand. I conceded before he could meet damage with health. The guy had a noticeably low end starter deck, so he just stole my hard earned epic card and used it against me. Priests are deviously cheap. F*** Priests.
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The blunt truth is all control decks are weak.

I find this thread kinda funny because I honestly have the worst win rate VS Paladins of all classes. Especially since TGT in which I don't think I've so far beat a Paladin and I play Control Priest.

(Every Paladin I've come up across has been filling up the board with 1/1's and then turning them into 3/3's. Forgot card names)

As a Priest the only counter to this is either Lightbomb or Holy Nova + Wild Pyro, if you don't have either - its GG. lol :/
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the thread is funny because he rants, seeking validation, and answers every other retort with "nuh huh, no its not, i don't care"
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As a golden Priest player with over 3000 victories with it, my experience has been vastly different. I use 1 MC when I see more biggies. Otherwise my highest cost cards are 1 Dr Boom and 1 Sylvanas and no MC.
I usually play 1 SW:D but no SW:P. I rarely play 1 TS.

MC is overcosted, too slow and not enough. TS is tempo loss and unreliable. I trade minions with minions, no SW:P needed.

Also I eat Paladins for breakfast, without MC or SW:P.

Short reply: BULLS.HIT detected.
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08/26/2015 07:25 PMPosted by Derity
I find this thread kinda funny because I honestly have the worst win rate VS Paladins of all classes.

Maybe it seems so funny because this thread is over a year and a half old now.
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