Turn 7 priest has a 44/44

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02/09/2014 08:42 PMPosted by NorseEmperor
Played a priest that got a 44/44 on turn 7...yeah, priests are balanced.

Turn 6 he lays down a Mogu'shan Warden...I have no way to kill it so I lay down a minion (Tauntless) to try and take it out next turn.

Turn 7 he plays...

Power Word Shield x2
Divine Spirit x2
Inner Fire x1

Hits me in the face for 44 and I have 30 health. Nothing I could do. to counter it or silence it since this game doesn't allow counters (Unless you play a mage)..

No offense but if he did it on turn 6 on a CLEAN board as a Priest then you're doing something wrong.

Get board presence, he won't have a 1-7 sitting there an entire turn waiting to get buffed up...

Also: any kind of spells that do damage, any kind of removal, Kodo... so many solutions.
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get lost troll just becuz he got lucky with combo he need nerf? what u gonna say about rogues who make 10 card combo?
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Seriously, whenever i vs a divine spirit priest in ranked its a free win for me. Its actually a joke really. when they drop lightspawn i laugh. If you have 4 silences in your deck (which i highly doubt you do, just lying) the odds of you not pulling it or one of your removals by the time he spends 6 cards on a lightspawn, is probably less than 5%.
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Most people who complain about Priests' PW:S + DS + IF combo are pretty bad. Priests are terribly under-represented at higher ranks, and even then none of the top tier Priest players run that kind of decks.

Tip: the moment a Priest plays a high health card like Morgushan Warden, deal with it IMMEDIATELY. Or at least put a taunt out so in case he uses that combo, he can't attack you directly. Next turn, silence. Game is in your court now.
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Every class has at least 1 OTK(one turn kill) combo, it's not unique to Priests. All of these OTK combos require extreme luck to pull off as you need to both draw the right cards, survive long enough to pull it off and have an extremely unlucky/unskilled opponent who won't have any answers to your combo.
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02/13/2014 05:03 PMPosted by Dreadspectre
I find it infinitely more annoying that a Priest yesterday had a 7/7 on 2nd turn attacking me.

1st turn Cleric
2nd turn PWS PWS Coin Inner Fire

Not a fun way to start the match off.

And then you laugh hysterically that they buffed their cleric.
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