Miracle Rogue, can't start the miracle.

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That is not true. It comes from magic the gathering. Buffing minions is part of it. Edwin vancleef is in there which classifies though not the greatest. It is a miracle variant as he stated. But without questing it really isn't a hardcore miracle rogue deck. And gadgetzan is not the only requirement. You can draw a million cards as rogue and at turn 6 or 7 (earliest you can draw a ton) you will be destroyed by their 7-10 cost minions that can't be removed because you used all your cards earlier to draw and have nothing to show for it except two 3/3's. This deck in particular has two finishers. One which grows with spells so that while drawing cards you also build up van fleet then finish with Leeroy. Without a miracle aspect of growing van cleef his hand would be full and he'd be dead.
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Let me clarify... You are technically correct however without a 100% perfect draw you are not going to get an OTK from leeroy in competitive because all cards will be used to control and keep clear and most leeroy can do with double buff 2xCB 2xSS is 26. But again this is best possible case scenarion and why you must have a growth minion as well for the not so perfect draws.

So what I should have said is that in hearthstone it really isn't miracle and certainly not viable miracle without growth aka vancleef in this deck.
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Actually you can otk with leeroy for 10 mana.

Leeroy with 2x sstep, 2xCB, 2xEvi, 2xPrep.

Leeroy and ssteps are 8 mana for 18 dmg, 8 more from CB for 2 mana, 2x prep+evi for 8 more dmg at a 0 mana cost.

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imho miracle is not supposed to OTK. you must take care of board. better controll it..leeroy+ss + gadgeteer+cold blood is 20 dmg. harass enemy as long as you can then when u can u kill him someway.
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its a miracle deck with the magic of leeroy and shadowstep and cold blood

i swapped out 1 acolyte for 1 questing adventurer..

man its good to have both him and gadgetzan auctioneer on the field

but yeah, the one turn, turnarounds. that defines as miracle rogue to me
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People consider anything with auctioneer a miracle deck variant.

But yes, miracle is very much a mid-game deck. the idea is to use your health pool and hero power to control the early game.

Most decks I seeing atm are rush down decks who love rogues who do this as it just makes them die faster.

miracle is very hard to play in the current environment because of the health pool restrictions caused by rush down decks
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Look at my notes in my deck vs Kolento's. http://imgur.com/a/LYFwJ#0 If you're facing a lot of aggro warriors/hunters, you have to go all in mode with my deck while removing their minions. Kolento's is slightly better at dealing with aggro warriors because SI7s tank a good amount of damage. It took me a good while to learn how to deal with those decks though (I can go ~55% vs hunters but if you're just learning the deck you'll probably get under 30%). Vs midrange/control, it's usually much straightforward. You wanna mulligan any non-removal/cheap draw power/gadget. Depending on which class you're facing specifically there are special cards to keep, but that list is too long to explain, and you'll understand it through playing the deck. It's a hard deck to play, you can't simply netdeck it and expect to do well like druids/rush decks.
*To the people who are arguing about miracle. I considered my deck to be a mix between miracle and the spellpower burn decks. People started calling it miracle because it had auctioneer/a lot of card draw.
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