Any valid rank 5+ shadowpriest deck?

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So I was wondering if there are any good shadowpriests out there that acutally used 2x shadowform to climb the ladder and got to rank 5 atleast.
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Tbh the longer I play with shadow decks I've gone from 2x shadow form, down to 1, now down to none. The tempo is too quick to spend turn 3 on just entering shadow form.

It's more of a late game draw and even then, not a very good one. For me it quickly turned into one of those cards that only see their potential if you have already won. I moved up two ranks now to 10 today removing it and focusing more on early game control. 10 is my highest rank ever with any class although I don't play any of the meta rush decks.

Draw early game; rush gets a free turn to rip into you
Draw late game; you have already won/lost without it

Using the Auchenai priest is a way better option, you can be using the heal hero power early game to stall and then use a turn 6 Auchenai/heal for some good board presence. Unless I'm a turn away from being Murloc rushed to death I try not to use the turn 4 Auchenai/circle combo, save it for turn 6 if you can.

All I can say is from my experience rush decks are still the most played decks that I face at rank 10, whether that drastically changes at rank 5 I can't say, but rush decks are hoping really hard that you play shadowform because you're making their job a lot easier.

I'd put shadowform back in if they made it a 1mana cost for a 1dmg mind spike and then 2 shadowform cards for 2 dmg. Turn 3 and 4 are just too crucial to spend doing almost nothing.
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I've tried many, many variations. Usually though, as much as I hate to say it, it's not worth trying.

If Shadowform was 2 mana to cast, maybe.


Going Shadowform changes the effects of our other spells. For example Holy Nova turns into 5 mana for 3 damage and no healing instead or something. Things like that, maybe then.
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I have only seen a couple of Priests claim to break rank 10 and no one claim to break rank 5. The couple of people I saw claiming to break rank 10 posted up cookie cutter Best of Breed Legendary Minion decks with priest support cards.
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the immediate effect is nothing if played early, and not significant if played late.

the best case scenario to use this is if you're playing against a control deck that is going to do nothing that turn, like a warrior just armoring up or a warlock lifetapping. but as you said, it seems around rank 10 there are more aggro decks than control decks so the chances are pretty crap.

if they want the whole shadowform to work, the second shadow form needs to be a looooot better than what it is now (worse than the first one, which is already bad)
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