Regarding shadowstep in a non miracle deck.

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I was thinking of running shadowstep in a non miracle deck (dont have prep, van, nat etc) because none of my 4 different rogue decks are good in this meta and I dont know what to do and since leeroy dont work for me anymore its not enough damage...

The minions in the deck who could benefit are:

Leeroy (could mabe make him worth while..)
SI 7
Azure drake
Big game hunter
Defender of argus
Earthen ring far seer

so what do you think? if I add 2 shadowstep is there any minions I should also add to the deck?
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Everything with a battlecry is great for SStep. As you mention; defender of argus and leeroy of course. SI7 is great with it.

Just flat out anything with battlecry. Two Coldlight Oracles (draws 2 cards for both players) sstepped can destroy 8 enemy cards if hes at full hand, for instance.
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ok but i rarely see it played in rogue decks, would it fit?
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I normally wouldn't play SS in a non miracle deck because its kinda gimmicky and, on average, you only get about 2 damage "worth" from the card. So, usually, there are better options than this.

But if u really wanna play it, you should consider Defias ring leader and van cleef. Easy 6/6 van cleef with 4 mana only.
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Personally I think defias and van cleef are bad for ssteps, because they dont really bring anything you couldnt do with a normal combo. Coin vancleef or backstab vancleef does the same thing without spending the sstep on it.

Shadowstepping a battlecry minion like SI7 lets you attack first, and if he survives, sstep and do the 2 dmg all over again. This can be the difference between an enemy minion being alive or dead.
Or you can drop DoA between two minions, sstep him and drop him between two other minions on the same turn (depending on placement bug :P )-

Same with for instance a pagle put down to 1 hp, or any damaged minion that could use a refresh.

I dont know, I just feel its a waste using it for buffing vcleef with himself, or those weak ringleaders (unless its really early, coining and sstepping ringleader on turn two is a lot of enemies until he can AoE them down).
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SS is useless in other than miracle deck, use Cold Blood instead ;)
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Pepso: yet they do completely different things. Its like saying "meh, wrenches are useless. Use hammers instead."

Just to be clear: I'd love to hear your reasoning =). I'm not saying "BOLLOCKS! IZ FALSE!".
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Naaah, not in my perspective.

Reasoning: If you are using miracle - shadowstep is a kind of a staple. Kinda. You don't see CB played there.

If you aren't, odds are you are running midrange / pressure / aggro. I haven't seen a successful deck that runs SS and CB altogether, so it boils down to either A or B.

CB has in my opinion much more versatility.

Ergo, CB > SS.

EDIT: Haha, I used "reasoning" like I was reading your mind! Maaan.
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So you wouldn't say for a defensive build with battle cry minions, like DoA for instance, that including a sstep could be useful?

Edit: You're a priest! Stop mind visioning me.
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(crap, he's onto me, hide in the shadows! *POOF*)

I have something like relationship with SS. I really want to love it, but I just can't. As a matter of fact, I used to run pressure rogue with SS instead of CB at first, but as I said in another thread - since I swapped it my win percentage rose dramatically.

CB can be used on any minion ('sept Faerie guy), while SS is useful only on a battlecry'd one. I mean, yeah, SI:7 x2 dmg is nice, but at what cost? You are losing card advantage for a measly point of 2 dmg.

SS'd DoA is, on the other hand pretty nasty occurence. But for this to work, the stars have to align perfectly and in ranked play I just don't want to pray to RNG gods.

Therefore - Cold Blood for me all the way. (So basically I agree that SS might have some nice purpose in defense-heavy decks...but honestly, who plays rogue for defense)
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Hm fair enough. I tend to lean towards the notion that rogue could use a better chance at playing slow control. But it will be VERY interesting to see the class cards coming with Adventure mode and how they will impact the class and the game itself.

I'll try to cook something up.
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Oh you got me on your side here. I'd love to play a slow control rogue! I am looking forward to new expansion cards very much, rogue needs some love shown...too many class cards simply not good enough to make it into decks.

I'm sure there will be much brainstorming here on forums since that happens.
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Yes it will be sweet. Some cards just make no sense. Patient Assassin my !@#. Headcrack, sinister strike... I LIKE betrayal. I really do. Rarely fit it in tho. Kidnapper can just go die though...

Will be fun to see how it will evolve.

Why don't we have secrets?

Hidden Blade - Next minion that attacks hero deals damage then dies.
Poisoned well - Next enemy minion summoned deals 1 damage to all enemy minions the following enemy turn
Vigor - Next enemy spell cast draws two cards for the rogue
Kick - Next enemy summoned with battlecry doesn't go off

That kind of deal.
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