Warrior looks for tips in improving his deck!

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Hello fellow Warriors. At the start i want say sorry for my language which is little bad, but i am pretty sure that you will understand me.

What's going on? I am playing as warrior since 2 weeks and trying to collect strong deck for ranked. At this moment I was able to reach 17 rank with my deck and looking for tips in inmproving.

This is my actual deck: (scheme of typing: cost, name, quantity)

0, inner rage, 2
1, execute, 2
1, upgrade, 2
2, fiery war axe, 2
2, slam, 2
2, amani berserker, 2
2, bloodsail raider, 2
2, cruel taskmaster, 2
3, frothing berserker, 2
3, raging worgen, 2
3, warsong commander, 2
4, arathi weaponsmith, 2
4, gnomish inventor, 2
5, arcanite reaper, 2
5, brawl, 1
7, gorehowl, 1

Gameplay of this deck is pretty easy:
Im trying to grab early weapon and low mana enrage minions + activators ( rage, taskmaster). Trying to clear early board with weapon to let enrage minions survive and then activate them for big damage. if everything goes ok im able to beat enemy in 5, 6 rounds. However situation isn't always good. My deck has pretty bad late game. I don't have many draw cards and one brawl isn't enough to clear board against big card drawers. of course i can do this once but then enemy like paladin, hunter, or shaman, warlock can just bring new ones. lot and strong. there is lot of situations in which i can deal good early damage but at late i have no cards no minions and i need to summon just one card in turn and eventually clearing board with gorehowl or arcanite but unfortunately this hits me back. This deck and quite strong is too risky.

Please help me with some nowe tactics and tips for improvement in deck. Unfortunately i dont have any big minions yet. Trying to grab Grommash but this isn't easy.

Thanks in advance.
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I have been playing warrior for a while now and I can tell you are going for an enrage deck build. My real advice to you is to bench this deck build for now, because it really is hard to work in the current meta. An enrage deck is based on combos which requires the use of 2 or more cards. The combos yield a strong outcome but at the same time the minion and combo can be shut down most of the time with one or two cards.

For this type of deck to really work you kind of have to play it as a mid-range control combo deck if you want to put a name on it. What you would want to do for a deck like this is to control the boards and limit damage until you could drop your combos. The big problem is that it is hard to have both the necessary units for a control build and a combo build because of the deck card limit of 30.

I would suggest that you build around a more control focused deck that has 1 or 2 combos in that can be used in late game when more threats and removal is off the board; which is really kind of hard to build. The reason it is hard because aggro decks will rush you down if you don't clear them or put up a threat or wall that they will have to deal with. Then you have control decks that really have a greater chances of removing you combos because their deck build is focused on removal and board control.

Below is a link to a deck similar to yours that has a good discussion on how to maybe go about building a deck like that. http://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/class-discussion/warrior/5827-my-enrage-warrior-advice-needed
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