I did not have the pleasure of playing HT in closed beta, but have been playing for the last month or so since open beta and I truly love this game. I really enjoy the rogue more for how fresh it feels with its combos. I have been running the following deck

BS x2
DP x2
CB x2
SS x2
Evic x2
Blood Mage Thalnos
D.Ringleader x2
Loot Horder x1
Nov Engineer x2
FOK x1
Sun Cleric x2
SI7 x2
Def of Argus x2
Gnomish inventor x2
Azure Drake x2
Argent Commander x1

This is my modification on a minion type rogue deck with SS for jenkins finisher combos and other cool uses with battle cry minions.I used to have Dark Iron Dwarf, but recently removed it to add FOK to play with Bloodmage for board clear due to running against sooo many warlocks playing swarm decks with the fish folk, and aggro paly decks. This deck has amazing card draw with solid minions yet I can not get past rank 15 with this. I tried vancleef but he usually gets killed instantly or get silenced so he came out. When I compare this deck to a standard minion heavy rogue deck, the standard minion rogue has a slightly lower mana curve than this on. My deck, while a low mana curve has a bit more in the upper end. While this allows for a smoother curve, I feel it hinders a bit against swarm decks as I have trouble keeping up with board control with this deck. So I added in fan, for combo with Bloodmage to clear board. I really do not want to remove SS as I love playing this card in all types of unique ways with my battlecry minions. At the same time I need to find a way to adjust this deck to handle swarm type play. If I get a poor draw against a swarm deck I am dead, within a few turns. With a really good draw I can hang with this deck. I have played 56 games and I have exactly a 50/50 win ratio with this deck. While I feel that is certainly not bad, it keeps me from climbing the ladder. Any suggestions based on the current meta game how to improve this deck?