Hi! Some notes on a deck?

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Hi, I just made a deck for quests, would love it if someone could take a look at it for me :)

2x Circle of Healing
2x Holy Smite
2x Inner Fire
2x Mind Vision
2x PW: Shield
2x Argent Squire
2x Northshire Cleric
2x Divine Spirit
2x SW: P
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1x Ironbeak Owl
2x Lightwell
1x Nat Pagle
2x SW: D
2x Thoughsteal
2x Lightspawn
1x Mindcontrol

Thoughts on how to improve this? I went 5/2 with it right now in casual, but... thats not saying much, too low gamecount for it to be relevant.
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Just my input... You only have 11 minions, none of which are a threat on their own, and mostly for support roles. That means your win condition is merely the Divine Spirit + Inner Fire combo OR Mind Control maybe one enemy legendary both of which are easily stopped assuming the opponent has experience against priests (which is most likely going to be the case seeing as the DS IF combo is practically the go-to combo of every new priest)...

You'll have to make choices to add win conditions to your deck or at least cards that can bait out kill cards... Not necessarily a Rag or Ysera, but maybe twilight drakes, silenced Ancient Watchers, Chillwind Yeti, or Injured Bladesmaster... to name a few.
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Allright, so what do you suggest taking out and adding in?

Im thinking some DoA would be good just for some defense and minion substance, perhaps adding in one of those 2/7 guys we all love?

But youve played SO much more priest than me, thats why I come to you guys :)
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Try to limit yourself to 10 spells. I would remove these:
2x Circle of Healing
2x Inner Fire
2x Mind Vision
2x PW: Shield
2x Divine Spirit
2x Lightwell
2x Thoughsteal
2x Lightspawn
1x Mindcontrol

The further you get from these spells/minions the more you'll notice how ineffectual they are.
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Hm... Lightwell seems so great early on, though, with the Clerics.

Allright Ill scrap the deck and try something... something.
Ill be back :P .

I guess Im used to going big on spells due to playing control rogue a lot.
Of course, in that deck I have a finisher...
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like he said, he is right that u have almost no threat for the opponent. most of the card are defensive, but keep in mind that the best defense is offense. some cards may seem useful to u against different decks however, u have to consider the value of the card... is it better to wait until 6 turn to use ur silence then finish it off with something else or to put a carina at turn 6 and cause him trouble?

i like to use lightwell, i ran it in my deck and it was fun using, and i am yet to compose a deck that could fully utilize it ;p
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So what would you guys say are like the "too good not to run" cards for the Priest?

Like for a rogue I wont leave my deck composer without backstab, si7 and eviscerate, normally.

Of course I get that there are no cards that are "must haves" per se, but you know what I mean.
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PW: death is a must, PW: pain not as important (can be optional imho)... pain is not too good of a trade off compared to death because the mana difference of a 3 power minion and your 2 mana casting cost is not too far apart. Different story with PWD. 1 Mind Control is okay, most decks have at least 1 legendary. Save it for that.

Holy nova is expensive mana wise but really good to have. Unless you want to be overrun by buffing stealth imps.

Thoughtsteal is the quintessential RNG card... If you face control decks chances are that 2 for 1 card is an excellent deal... Against rush decks, it's a bit iffy. Not too fond of Mind Vision.

As for minions, there are several paths most of which are perfectly viable. Wild Pyromancer goes great with priest decks, Crazed Alchemist as well. There's also taunters (which I use often). Either you use taunters OR use minions with battle cries that give taunt (Sunfury and Defender of Argus) which is the style I prefer. The minions I give taunt to are usually low costing high value minions like Ancient Watcher (which can be given offensive abilities via Ironbeak owl), Injured Blademaster, Chillwind yeti or Lightspawn (the last two are excellent deals because they are commons and basics)... Also, my favorite AOE card, Abomination which is imho, one of the best value cards out there.

Just a note: Lightspawn should not be underestimated because it is still essentially a 5/5 unless it is silenced or you spend minions/cards to take it down.
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Allright time for a revised deck.

It might still suck balls, just be honest.
I actually lack Defenders of Argus for this, theyre on my to-craft list, just havent gotten there yet as Ive focused on... deck styles without them so far.

2x PWShield - I take these because of Magma Ragers and Jenkins, mostly. Easily a replaceable card for me now that I think about it.
2x Northshire Cleric - I think I might need the drawing power, and its a nice onedrop that can take the early abuse pretty well.
1x Ancient Watcher - Defender of Argus, perhaps an Owl. Seems solid? I take 1 because I dont have two of them atm.
1x Bloodmage Thalnos - Card draw and potentially an extra damage to my Holy Nova. I might need to replace PWS with something damageoriented. Would possibly be better.
2x Ironbeak Owl - silence + minion = yay
1x Lightwell - Still seems like a good lowcost card that could easily take focus off of another minion youd want to keep safe, and if left untouched could provide decent healing. Like the pagle of heals. Speaking of which:
1x Nat Pagle. - Its Nat Pagle.
2x Shadowword Death - Heavy removal seems quite key
2x Thoughtsteal - Ive just had a lot of fun with it, so I think I want to try it out some more.
1x Flesheating Ghoul - Never tried this guy out, I figured this deck could be good for it, especially if boosted a little and allowed to grow.
2x Harvest Golem
1x Injured Blademaster
2x Magma Rager - low cost, but requires that extra card to keep him up (PWS). Might replace.
2x Chillwind Yeti - cant be silenced out of commission, 4 str, good toughness. Solid minion.
1x Leeroy Jenkins. With the PWS could be allright.
2x Lightspawn - Weak to silence, but I have so much to silence in this deck that they might slip by?
2x Holy Nova for some AOE fun, preferably with Thalnos in the wings.
2x Defender of Argus
1x Mind Control, for that big "aww really?" in late game.

Seems more solid? Worse?
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2 Northshire clerics is a staple of course... 1 Ancient watcher is fine to honest but you don't have to go for double Defender of Argus if you have Sunfury protector. With Ancient watcher, its a 3rd turn 4/5 taunter... 2nd turn if you have the coin (turn 1 coin + ancient watcher).

Thalnos might be a stretch if he's just there to boost 1 or 2 cards and Leeroy isn't that good unless you're aggro. A lot of better 4 mana cost minions out there that will suit defensive decks better.
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Im just so used to sticking thalnos in for the cheap spelldamage and carddraw, and leeroy seems great at 6 dmg for 4 mana, especially if healthbuffed.
I guess I feel like I lack damage in the deck, but with the yetis and so forth, I might not really need him. Or Thalnos.

So change an Argus for a Sunfury, makes sense to me.

I appreciate all your help btw, all of you. Its weird going from fast control with little board presence to a slower deck with a lot of minions.
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Leeroy is a great card especially with brewmaster... But I'd rather take Twilight Drakes or chillwind yetis. Really good deal for 4 mana and doesn't give out tokens.

For priest players, new or veterans, who may want to practice with concept decks, maybe you guys can add me (Mythicman#6942). I play most classes you may want to simulate but I really don't like aggro decks... My least played classes would probably be warrior, hunter, and rogue. I mostly play Mage, Druid, Paladin, Warlock, and my main is a priest.

I'd like to test some versions of my priest decks as well. Good day to you fellow priests! :)
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Sure, I could play some rogue against your priest if you ever need it. Not saying Im good, but hey.
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02/13/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Slai
Ancient Watcher

Recommend to remove. If u can get Sunfury or Silence that combo this card in early game, it might be good, but the chance is too low. And this combo is purely useless in late game.

02/13/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Slai
Ironbeak Owl

Purely useless in a priest deck. As Priest has it's own Silence card, and at 2 mana, you have better cards to play, e.g. SDP or heal an injured Northshire Cleric than a 2/1 useless creature. Run Spellbreaker instead if you lack silence.

02/13/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Slai
Leeroy Jenkins

A Priest Deck is made for board control, not rushing. Leeroy is basically like a fireball. Even with shield, it has only 4 health. Run Firelord Instead!

02/13/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Slai
Magma Rager

Remove Both, purely useless in a Priest Deck.

2X Defender of Argus

High Cost at 4 mana, and you won't always have creatures in control. Recommend to remove 1.

02/13/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Slai
Mind Control

2X Mind control, 2 Reasons:
1st, it's a +2 card.
2nd, in a Priest Mirror Match or playing against Druid(also a late gamer).
You will find out that 1 Mind Control is way not enough.

02/13/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Slai

Too passive and useless + you have better stuff to play at turn 2.

02/13/2014 02:40 PMPosted by Slai
Chillwind Yeti

Yes, they are good creatures, but not for Priest. Recommend to change into :
-Injured Blademaster: 3 cost and can be healead to 4/7.
-Twilight Drake: Much better choice for 4 cost too, Priest usually has hand advantage.

Try to craft Holy fire, mindgames, soulpriest.
Mindgames can add some fun into the duel, maybe not fun for Opponent when you get out a Ysera at turn 4 :P
The combo of Soulpriest + Circle of healing can pretty much Wipe the field.
Recommend you to run 2 Holy Smite, as you will struggle against 4 health creatures.
You can keep 2 Divine Spirit + 1 Inner Fire, it's always a good option for OTK.
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Yeah I just wont play priest.

I was removing a DoA for a Sunfury.
Owl is a 2/1 and a silence for 1 card slot, silence and another creature would be two cards. That would be why I chose the owl. Spellbreaker is a good option.
So you're basically saying Jenkins is too dependant on support. Makes sense.
Rager is horrid? Figured with DoA and a pws. But yes, too dependant.
Lightwells... Eh maybe.

Another deck incoming. Eventually. I have to play this one some to actually see the flaws you are mentioning for my self and then I will be better equipped to craft a superior deck.
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Injured Blademaster is good, particularly with Circle of Healing.

Wild Pyromancer is always fun, particularly with a PW:S and some cheap spells. He also interacts well with Holy Nova.

You could try Acolyte of Pain, if you want more card draw. He isn't much of a threat unless you buff him a bit, though. I used him a lot more when the buff from Dark Iron Dwarf was permanent. Works well with the pyromancer.

Harvest Golem, since it either eats a silence or has to be killed twice.

Temple Enforcer is pretty beefy. And he comes with a souped up Power Word: Shield. Great for Emperor Cobra, or Lightspawn if you run it (I'm not a big fan of Lightspawn, but I know others are).

Holy Fire is good. Two can sometimes be overkill though.

I also like Thoughtsteal. It gives you an idea of what your opponent has coming up.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot Shadow Madness. It will often 2-1 your opponent, and you get the death rattle as well.
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Trying to do something here but without the possibility to play a game until the weekend due to business trips I have to simply wait and see if its viable...
If it works I'll be a happy camper. I think it might be a bit too random to work tbh but I'll work on it a little before I share.
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