VS Hunters and overextending

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I think everyone has made the rooky mistake to overextend against a hunter and getting punished for doing so. I’d be interested which variables everyone uses to make sure you aren’t overextending. And be interested to see if I am missing points to improve my gameplay vs hunters.


I am playing an early to midrange rogue deck, currently hopping between rank 6 and 7. If I had to guess my win/loss rate is about 50% atm. But I feel like I should be able to win more.

My problem seems to be that when I don’t play aggressive enough(2 minions constant board presence), I am 1 turn short to get the kill.

When I play to aggressive(3 or more minions on the board), 50% of the time I get punished doing so.

So as a rule of thumb, I said to myself, only play 3 or more minions, when you have a defender of argus in play, or when he has played the UTH combo at least once(decreasing the odds of a 2nd), and don’t have more than 2 minions with 2 health in case of explosion traps.

Other things I take into account are:

My healthpool, I don’t want to be in the kill range of an UTH combo + kill command + steadshot. Without minions to taunt(taking into account the amount of cards in his hands). Does this mean I play to save?

Side note, early game I have the tendency to dagger Leper gnomes. Which depending on starts gets me already on turn 2 at 22 health.

When I get him in killrange I shadowstep a small minion, to reduce to amount of hounds with UTH possibility.

Rogues unite and let’s share some advice! Where do I go wrong?

Will link decklist if needed.
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My rules of thumbs vs hunter:

-Aggressively mulligan for a defender of argus. Best card for the matchup by far.
-Dont hold back on board presence until turn 5 (biggest threat would be buzzard+unleash, but he cant "also" drop timber timber wolf)

Theres more, but i think those 2 are the most important.
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No more than three minions, unless I have Defender of Argus. It's usually enough to win, especially if you've got an Argent Commander or a minion buffed with Cleric. Most Hunters ignore opponent board and just rush face anyway but you can outpace them.

Also be weary of Explosive Trap and Misdirect. If he plays a Secret early it's almost guaranteed to be Explosive Trap, so don't dump 2 HP or less minions until after you attack. I'd also say attack with your 1/1 Dagger first, that way if it's Misdirect you don't run the risk of your minions killing each other(at worst you'll attack your own minion, but it shouldn't kill any of them).
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