Just got my van cleef need advice

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Golden it is! :D

Now i am thinking of putting shadowstep in the deck to buff him up(and to return a silenced cairne would be another good reason for it) but do not know how to adjust it
Started playing rogue a week ago so i need some help.

Here is my current decklist with van cleef in it:

- 2x backstab
- 2x deadly poison
- 2x shiv
- 1x betrayal
- 2x defias
- 2x sap
- 2x eviscerate
- 1x loot hoarder
- 1x headcrack
- 1x van cleef
- 2x fan of knives
- 1x SI agent
- 1x shieldmaster(TAZDIIINGO!)
- 1x Spellbreaker
- 1x Gadgetzan auctioneer
- 1x Azure Drake
- 2x assassin's blade
- 2x assassinate
- 1x Cairne
- 1x Hogger
- 1x sprint

The "one of" cards are one cause... i have one in most cases(like SI agent), so i am looking mainly for advice on what to remove to get 2 shadowsteps in.
Tnx in advance :)
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definetly betrayal and headcrack...if all you want is to put shadowsteps in...
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Id remove both FoK, betrayal and headcrack and take prep, BFlurry and 2xSStep myself.

Why? Well, FoK is expensive, though does draw. However youve got the auctioneer, and a loot hoarder, plus sprint. You run poison, so the potential of BF is high. the Prep can work paired with Sprint to make it a much faster spell.

If you have the cards ofc :)

Obviously, this could all be horrible advice. Im just thinking out loud.
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I am rank 5 now.

I had BIIG problems getting from 13 to 10 though. You wanna know what I did? Removed Edwin van-!@#$ing-Cleef from my deck.

He's now as %^-*ty as he gets (unless you play Miracle).

You got him golden? Then dust him and craft Leeroy.
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I agree with Pepso, I have found vancleef to be underwhelming unfortunately and removed him from my deck. Although I would love to find a way to use him more effectively.

What deck do you currently run Pepso if you don't mind me asking?
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