Ancient Watcher and why you should use it

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Ancient Watcher's a good method of dealing with aggro. The card I try to swing around is Pyromancer + various buffs (or turn 2 Injured Blademaster if w/ coin), but they suffer from a similar theme.. 2+ cards are required, so whenever those aren't pulled off, it hurts.
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Incidentally, just came from a match with Aggro again... Like what usually happens if I get him out on 2nd turn, I used Divine Spirit on it and kept it alive for 4 turns, he conceded on the 6th. It wasn't attacking, just waiting there till he ran out of gas which usually happens if I get to open with him against aggro.

He can probably kill it with Leeroy and double UTH but he won't have anything left to hit me in the face with afterwards.

EDIT: Be careful around warriors though. They do aggro better imo and can bring walls down.
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HI i am semi new to Hearthstone and i love the Priest deck i love how you don't need to put in a lot of creatures i been winning with taunt cards and the priests magic spells boosting up my taunt cards adding in a few other creatures that boost up my taunt cards, i have a hard time with names of cards so i am just gonna give out the abilities they do also added in a couple of knife jugglers and all his basic magic cards up to level 20 and bee doing ok but i still lose to ringers because i have no uncommon or legendary cards but been doing well using my taunts healing them when i am ahead in health to my hero using my boost stat cards on my charge cards to make the priest deck more aggro and giving my taunts health boosts. i win more then i lose so i am doing something right haha but good times!!! this games more fun then Magic the Gathering.!!!! i love it
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