Potential priest buffs and adjustments Ideas

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I'm fairly new to this game, I used to be heavy into WoW (years ago). I've played a few TCG's competitively, won and topped in many events mostly locals a few travel events. I like the Priest class because of the difficulty, chance and card combination possibilities. I do think some of the cards can be improved/adjusted to be less random or situationally dependent. Here are some ideas

Word: Death - 4 cost destroy an enemy minion (It's death just let it kill)

Word: Pain - 3 cost destroy a minion 2 or less attack or reduce a minions health n attack by 2 (pain, can weaken or kill)

Light Spawn - add Taunt (it's other effect makes it an interesting gamble with D. spirit, etc.)

Light Well - add a death rattle such as, (pick a minion give it +1 +1 or restore 3 health to your hero)

Divine spirit and inner fire - No changes (They are very dependent and can be dead draws so their potential OTK can leave u DOA, also easily countered with a silence next turn)

Thought Steal - 4 cost You're opponent discards a card at random

Mind vision - 2 cost You're opponent reveals up to three cards at random, choose one, copy it and put it in your hand.

Mind games - 3 cost exchange the health and/or attack of one of your minions with another minion ( must be within a 2 turn difference or lower) so a turn 1 can switch with up to a turn 3. I think this card should be fun, like the name and would make for some creative combos. Imagine taking the attack of a frozen minion and putting it on your silenced light spawn.

Mind games - 3 cost Copy the text of an enemy minion on to another minion (friendly or enemy)

Mind games - Choose an enemy character (hero included) choose another minion for them to attack (does not ignore taunt or 0 attack) So it can be used on a hero who has an attack value (due to a wpn or buff)

Mass Dispel - ADD remove one opponent secret at random. I think at 4 cost its a good card but I do think each class needs something to counter or invalidate secrets. Or make a minion that destroys one secret or is immune to secret effects.

Some of these effects could potentially make a Priest OP in my opinion but these are some ideas. One or two may help re-balance the class.

Unleash the hounds - 3 cost please
Equity - 4 cost

Druids need to lose a few of the OR effects on their cards. Take away maybe two of the OR texts and just pick one of the effects and make that the card or potentially combine them and make them a bit weaker.

Nourish - Cost 4 or 5. gain 1 empty crystal and draw one card. Combined. Still really good may not be OP

Hopefully we can get this stickied so moderators and others can chime in. Let's try to keep this thread mostly about priest card adjustments or buffs. What do you guys think?
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Posts: 13
I also think my light spawn and light well ideas can be swapped. The well can get taunt, lightspawn can get a death rattle.

Velen maybe shouldnt be able to stack with spell damage +1's (I dont know if it does or how it does) I mean if it takes Nova and a minion with +1 (azure drake) nova should do 5 damage and not 6.... I think its a bit OP if it doubles after the +1's.
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