Inner fire

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That cards seems to be a little too powerful for a 1 cost common card since you can put it on any monster with high health and low attack to become an incredible hulk of a monster. (example being Shield Bearer or mogu'shan warden)
do the opposite to the enemy's cards and turn them into wet noodles (example being Reckless rocketeer or magma rager [if anyone even uses that card])
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You're overrating this card mate, I don't even have it in my deck anymore.
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nobody uses this card. no offense but try playing ranked past 15.
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02/14/2014 11:45 PMPosted by FxyO
nobody uses this card. no offense but try playing ranked past 15.

Pretty much this.

Buff combos don't work. If they work the priest player is either lucky or you played it wrong and allowed him to have a potential buff minion on the board.

If I see a priest dropping a lightspawn, gurubashi berserker, mogu'shan or similiar creature I can easily tell he plays one of those inner fire decks and clear his minions the turn before he buffs them or get up a taunt at least.

If he drops a minion and buffs it before he can even attack and you got a silence/hard removal you won the game as he just spend like 4-5 cards and you can negate all of that with just a single one.
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I tried to play with inner fire: yes to get a 20+/20+ is nice; but you need a lot of luck for it and even then such decks can easily get outplayed. Even a solid basic deck is stronger than a inner fire one. A good player save their removals for such an enemy: with one card he destroyed your 4 card-combo; that are a lot of unused cards. Or he lowers the health of the enemy one: A twilight drake with 7 health is strong, but then you could lower the health of it: if you attack it and he only has 4 health, then in the best case he would be a 16/16 instead of an 28/28. But even then: to even let him get so much health you let him get too man cards.

Also: if you have a silence, all of this is futile.

I think inner fire is stronger to use it offensively than defensively. For example to get rid of ysera or another annoying 4-attack-enemy (aaaaaaaaargent commander) seems more profitable than to hope that maybe you get an overpowered enemy.
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dropping an annoying enemy to 2 hp, using inner fire and mind controlling it through cabal shadow priest.

Mmmmmm that's niiiiice
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