Rank 12 Priest Deck and Climbing

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I am quickly climbing up the ranks and wanted everyone's opinion on my current deckset.
Any kind of feedback would be much appreciated :D. Or to any new priests, here is a good deck with lots of potential.

Circle of Healing x 1
Holy Smite x 2 (great for anti rushes imo, i rather use these and SoW:P)
PW:S x 2
Northshire Priest x 2
Bloodmage Thalnos x 1
Ironbeak Owl x 1 (I like having a minion instead of the silence card, also 2:1 allows it to trade well)
SW:D x 1 (ive never had to use more than one of these a match)
Thoughtsteal x 2
Injured Blademaster x 2 (with Circle of Healing, its a 3/7 minion for 3 mana)
Shattered Sun Cleric x 2
Shadow Madness x 2 ((far more valuable than SW:P, i can clear 4 creatures, and steal any deathrattles effects (Harvest Golems, Loot Hoaders, etc.)
Defender of Argus x 1
Twilight Drakes x 2
Azure Drakes x 2
Holy Fire x 2 (great with bloodmage and drakes)
Holy Nova x 2
Cabal Shadow Priest x 1
Temple Enforcer x 1
Ysera x 1

I know my deck lacks low cost minions. However, with my Holy Smites, Northshire, and Shadow Madness, I am able to stave off most early aggressive play
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Without stellar T1 through 4, you will probably not break Rank 5. You need a pagle instead of the bloodmage. Early card draw is critical if you cant develop a board. If you can "stave off" as well as you say, then you should be able to protect him rather well. Replace bloodmage with nat (use the dust from BloodDrooler to make a pagle) or a cleric if you already have nat. IDK why you're missing it, perhaps you simply dont have it. But if you want to climb, pagle is a necessity.

The other option, simply create an account on EU and climb there. The population on EU is ridiculously low.
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Not enough to deal with legendaries
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