Strong Priest Finishers?

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I've been thinking since priests are so weak right now of possibly playing a more aggressive priest deck. Sure the hero power will be basicly useless but it's just so easy to get someone in killrange as priest and that with very few cards aswell.

Anyone tried double mindblast+leeroy yet? 16 damage without having anything on the board and only 8 mana. And unlike many other hardhitting combos it only needs 3 cards.
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I have Leeroy in my Priest deck, and I use him to kill my opponent all the time. I still haven't found a good use for Mind Blast, though. I don't have it in my deck, and I've never lost to a Priest that uses it. I'm sure that you can and will finish many opponents with a 16 damage turn, but it's not going to happen until turn 8, requires a 3 card combo, and happens at a point in the game where most classes can pull off big attacks, if allowed to do so. My biggest question is, how do you plan to get your opponent down to < 16 health in time to release that combo? That's not an easy thing for a Priest, unless you're going for gimmicky Inner Fire type plays.
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I'm just playing an aggro deck right now and it seems to work great. Only lost a single game so far out of ~12, it has great carddraw and right now I think this deck plays really fast paced, almost on rogue/lock level.

Can gladly share decklist altough not sure if it will stay that way just yet.
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i play velen with double mind blast, the time i get the coin i save it for a whoping 1 turn 20 damage that can bypass any taunts.
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There was a Priest Murloc deck running around somewhere to mix it up with the usual Warlock Murloc decks. I guess Leroy+Mindblastx2 can work as a finisher for such deck as the Murlocs will chip away at the opponent's life total until the board wipe kills them, than if they got far enough Leroy+Mindblastx2 can finish the opponent off. Other than that, I don't see any other aggro Priest deck being capable of dealing such high amount of damage in such a low amount of time since Priests have perhaps the worst aggro tools of all 8 classes.
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02/14/2014 07:37 AMPosted by sinner
i play velen with double mind blast, the time i get the coin i save it for a whoping 1 turn 20 damage that can bypass any taunts.

Also pint sized summoner, if you're lucky enough that they don't kill it.
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