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Hey community. I would like to see some of your creativity regarding what new cards could/should/would show up in the game in the future.

Here's a couple I thought of that I would like to have in my arsenal.

  • Restoration
    Cost: 0
    Unsilence a silenced minion. Draw a card.

  • Warrior of Light
    Cost: 4
    When Warrior of Light is healed, it gains 1 attack.

  • Steadfast Monk
    Cost: 5
    Taunt. Spell damage +1.

  • Dragon Specter
    Cost: 5
    Cannot attack. Spell damage +3

  • Would these be broken at all? Let's see if we can come up with some good ones to smite those impure heathens.
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    Ball of Light

    Cost:: 2


    Taunt Deathrattle: Gain three life and draw a card

    Flavor Text: Ohhhhhh shiney
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    Wall of Reflection
    Cost: 5
    Taunt. Enemy recieves the same amount of damage that was dealt to the Wall of Reflection.

    Hypnosis (spell)
    Cost: 4
    Two strongest enemy minions attack enemy hero.
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    Cost: 1
    Immune while you have no other minions.
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    6 mana
    You hero gains immunity during your opponents next turn.

    Flavoured text: ummmm... ummmmm... ummmmm...
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    Zealous Priest:
    3 cost
    2 Atk 2 HP
    Whenever a Zealous Priest kills a minion, put a Smite into your hand.

    Purge the Unclean:
    4 cost
    Destroy a friendly minion. Other friendly minions gain +1 attack, and all enemy minions have -1 attack until the start of your next turn.
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    As for the OP:

    Restoration should cost 2 or 3. Card draws are usually 2 cost (actual cost should be like 1.5), and being able to unsilence something would be very VERY helpful. Lightspawn become very powerful again, a big taunt that was silenced is fixed, etc. 3 cost would probably be good.

    Warrior of light could probably have 3 health if you're keeping it 4 cost. Getting a heal on it would be incredibly tough with only 2 health. Alternatively, swap the stats and make it a 2/4 with that ability. Slower to ramp up but more survivable.

    Steadfast Monk should probably be 6. Oasis Snapjaw is 4 cost with the same stats, and has no taunt nor spell damage. Similarly, Mogushan Warden is 4 cost at 1/7 with taunt, and you're adding 1 attack + spell damage for only 1 cost. 2 cost is more reasonable. Last comparison, Archmage is 6 cost with 4/7 and spell, I think losing 2 damage but gaining taunt is a fair trade for the same cost.

    The Dragon Spector's +3 spell damage is likely too much. Yeti to Watcher is 4 cost to 2 cost, so 7/7 golem which costs 7 would drop to 5 with "cannot attack." Adding in spell damage would up the cost, probably by a lot, since it's a major target with the spell damage buff, so the "cannot attack" designation doesn't really hurt it much.

    It's probably more balanced if it costs 7 for 7/7 cannot attack, with only +2 spell damage, not +3.
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    02/20/2014 06:04 AMPosted by Кругопряд
    Wall of Reflection
    Cost: 5
    Taunt. Enemy recieves the same amount of damage that was dealt to the Wall of Reflection.

    Hypnosis (spell)
    Cost: 4
    Two strongest enemy minions attack enemy hero.

    Wall of Reflection should probably cost quite a bit more.

    Consider that Shieldbearer and Goldshire Footman are 0/4 and 1/2, with both costing 1.

    Based on that, we can assume each attack is equal to 2 health. Looking then at Warden 1/7 and Creeper 3/6, we can get to 0/9 for 4 cost and 0/12 for 5 cost.

    There are two problems though. First is that cost per health should go up by more than the norm beyond 8 or so, since it becomes increasingly difficult to remove, even with a combination of spells and minion attacks. A mage with fireball could do 6, but you've got 6 more to do. So I'd argue an 0/12 taunt should be closer to 6 cost, but I'll keep it at 5, rounding down.

    Then you've got the reflect damage. Some secrets sort of emulate this, like misdirection, which is 2 cost, or like Eye for an Eye, which is 1 cost but not aimed back at minions for field control. The problem is this effect is constant. If we say that the average cost for reflecting damage ONCE is 1.5 cost (average of 2 secrets), then I would say double that for a persistent effect, and make it +3 cost here.

    So I think low-balling the cost, it should cost at least 8. When you factor in the difficulty of removal plus the persistent reflection with the requirement that you address it as taunt locks out all non-spell field control, it should probably cost 9 or 10.

    The best argument I can see for it costing 8 and not 9 or 10 though is that it can be dealt with via insta-kill spells, polymorphs, hunters marks, poison minions, and silences. Of course, if your opponent doesn't have those, this thing basically makes the entire field your playground.

    Onto Hypnosis, it should cost more too. Closest thing I can see is Shadow Madness with 4 cost and 1 turn control for a minion of 3 attack or less. I think, first, it should be 2 random minions, and two, it should probably cost something like 6. If you let yourself target, if should probably cost 7. Two random minions dealing direct damage to the enemy character is still very powerful. Sure, you can't remove it, but assuming you play it at a tactically prudent time (just played a boulderfist ogre or something, and only has two minions on the field), you can put a lot of damage on your opponent for very little cost.
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    Shadowfiend: 5 mana
    4/6 - Whenever the shadowfiend attacks grant 1 temporary mana crystal for that turn only. (similar to the coin)

    Mind Flay: 3 mana
    Deal 3 damage to a minion and reduce its attack by 2.
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