Hunters too OP for my poor rogue :(

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Hunters are sickly powerful. I have kept track of my last 150 games and I have only beaten huneters 8 times out of 40 that i have faced. And that is playing mainly rogue and occasionally paladin class as I really enjoy those classes. Especially with my rogue they are almost unbeatable unless I pull an amazing draw and land my leeroy jenkins + CB + SS combos. assuming I last to T7 or T8. They should have kept unlease the hounds at 4 mana cost. And the synergy they have with all their beast cards is sickening. Not only that, the majority of players who play hunters all use the same GDAM strategy and its getting old and boring. Blizzard states that they want variety but the way the game is right now if you want to ladder you must play either Hunter, Druid, or Swarmlock. Thats it. any other class or strat gets owned by these three. Its a shame.
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Yeah, when a hunter plays an Eaglehorn and a secret next turn, I know its game. Especially since I use a way more fragile deck without Harvests or Defenders.
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What type of deck are you running?
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The deck I have the highest win percentage with my rogue (44%) is as follows

BS x2
SS x2
CB x2
DP x2
Evic X2
B.Mage Thal
Defias x2
Loot hord x1
Sun cleric x1
SI7 x2
DOA x2 (thinking of switching this guy out for Taz Dingo based on current meta, instant taunt)
Inventor x2
Drakes x2
Argent commander x1
Faceless Manipulator x1
BF x1
Faerie Dragon x2

This is my current deck but I used to have the following in it.
-I used to play 2x novice Engineer but swapped out for Faerie dragon
-I swapped out vancleef for Faceless manipulator, still not sure about this change though
-Added in BF. I need something to deal with rush decks. AOE is the answer.

The whole idea behind this deck is to try and maintain board control then use SS combos to finish off opponent. But the problem I am having is, if I lose board control, depending on my draw it is extremely hard to combo into cards and I end up playing non combo cards which get killed off next turn. Or if I do manage to get board control. It gets whipped out by AOE or UTH ect... So dam hard to play a rogue, just not enough answers with his class in the current meta.

Anyhow, I cant get above 50% win rate (about 300 games worth in my sample size) and I am stagnant between ranks 17 and 15 constantly with rogue class. I really love the style of play, but I just cant ladder with a rogue based on the current meta. All the nerfs to this class have really put rogues in a tough spot. I found this site. Ti's a shame, Rogues are second to last.
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