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Hey there, just wanted to ask how important are Ooze and Silence to Priest decks? Unlike other classes we have hard removal for all but the 4 attack minions, so is silence really needed? Also Ooze is great against heroes with weapons but a lot of weapons tend to only have 2 charges anyway, so even if you play the Ooze the next turn they already killed a minion for it and got a favorable trade. I always run 2 silence and 2 ooze in all my priest decks but I'm currently wondering if it's time to cut them out.
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Silence is "okay" and can be very useful - but often times you won't -really- need it and you end up with a dead card, which is why I have none of those in my Priest decks.

As to the ooze, it's one of the few low-cost creatures that can completely change the pace of the game for your opponent, especially early on if he's relying on weaps (say, control Warrior relying on his FWA for early board clearing). So I would always bring one ooze to the table, even against none weapon classes, it will always be a decent 2-drop.
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I'm experimenting with running one Silence and one Spell Breaker. The Spell breaker is the more solid choice, since you get a body with it, but Silence for 0 mana can be really nice. I wouldn't run more than one Silence though. Go with Spell Breakers and Owls if you think you need more. Not the Priests need a lot of silence with all of our removal...
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0 mana might be nice for an silence and it is far away to be a bad card, but there aren't many cases where you don't have enough mana to play at least a owl to silence somebody.

But the 0-silence can be nice if you also have an Ancient Watcher: A 4/5 in Round 2 can be very nice (but you should only silence him in Round 3; first some player do not try to remove him, instead they will attack your other minions; but even if he manage to destroy him, you have at least your silence)
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