Leeroy + 2x power overwhelming + soulfire

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Sooo yea I've been running into this combo a LOT.
Locks that spam life tap for 5-7 turns while playing murlocs, and then when you have around 20 hp left it's just leeroy -> power overwhelming -> power overwhelming -> soulfire -> 6 mana, 18 damage + whatever they still have on the board and out of nowhere you're dead. No matter your board position.
Just wanted to say that that sucks and is very annoying. I know you can expect it to happen at any turn when playing against warlocs, but can you really do much about it? Yeah sure play taunts, but they're easily removed with all the warleader + murloc combo's or silences. Even having board control throughout the entire game isn't gonna do anything against instant ~20 damage at turn 6.
I just played against a rank 4 lock and I literally killed every minion he played in 1 turn, all the warleaders and murlocs and stuff. I did use a weapon which is why I took around 10 damage in the process. And then the game was over :) He literallly played the exact combo I was expecting and trying to prevent and there was nothing I could do. And this happens quite often with locks.
I don't wanna be the guy who asks for nerfs. But nerf plz. It's too strong.

If someone knows a counter I'm not aware of I'm open to suggestions!

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I hate Leeroy+Shadowstep+Leeroy+Cold Blood a lot more. Or Truesilver Champion the previous turn then Leeroy+2x Blessing of Might. Or Leeroy+2x Inner Rage+Rampage. Or Leeroy+2x Rockbiter weapon+Windfury....

Leeroy is a great wombo combo card and extremely good for any rush deck, or honestly really any deck. Anytime you see someone trying to rush you, you should be prepared for a combo like this with Leeroy.

Heals and taunts can really help to fight it, but you also have to remember that this is an outstanding pull. It relies on Leeroy (1 out of 30) plus several other cards. This is what makes rush decks very irritating, if they get a great starting hand and you don't pull some pretty hard counters, it's game over. If your deck is built well then you should have some hard counters for it, but they're no use if they're on the bottom of your deck.
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Your problem is with Leeroy not the other combo pieces as Leeroy can combo in so many ways for different classes, not just Warlock Murlocs. Yes, Leeroy is pretty ridiculous, but he's 1 of the only legendaries that are actually good for aggro decks to use, so it's fine in that regard as control decks have so many legendaries to choose from, most of which are even more powerful. If it wasn't for Leeroy aggro decks couldn't really use any legendaries, as King Mukla is questionable at best and all the other legendaries are basically made for control decks, so Leeroy is there to balance all the legendary heavy control decks which is perfectly fine.
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