And Gave This Class Up....

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For the past 5 days I've really tried to give Priest a chance. Have created / used over 30 decks over the course of 200 games or so. It just can't compete. At no point while playing this class do you ever feel you have a great chance of winning. Always playing from behind trying to play catch-up and draw the perfect cards.

I thought I had an ok Priest deck at one point... tried it at rank 3 and dropped to rank 7 with it giving it a fair chance going 2-13.

Mind control doesn't even factor in anymore, at 10 mana it's completely useless other than against major control decks that actually let you live until turn 10 (which are rare anymore).

Has anyone actually had any success using Priest other than in casual play? It really just can't match up, it has very few combos that you can actually pull of. (Circle of Healing + Auchenai Soulpriest is really the only good one). Every other combo might work 10% of the time if the other player has literally no cards to play.

Unless I'm missing something here... this class has now been buried in the useless column. Thoughts?
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I have also played countless decks, and am struggling to compete. It seems that I am relying purely on legendaries to win an overwhelming majority of my games. This is one of my favorite classes to play, which is why I continue to try to make it work, but have had no success.

I've switched to Hunter and Warlock and begin to rank again, but as soon as I switch back to priest, I find myself losing matches very quickly. If anyone has any builds that seem to have success past rank ten, I will certainly give them a try.

I do feel as though the current meta has left priests without a viable competitive build. It's a shame. I do love the class.
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I agree that priests have a very hard time now but I found this particular build quite effective for the current meta though.

Neutral (16)

2 Ancient Watcher x2
2 Sunfury Protector x2
3 Big Game Hunter
3 Earthen Ring Farseer x2
3 Injured Blademaster x2
4 Defender of Argus x2
4 Twilight Drake x2
5 Azure Drake
8 Ragnaros the Firelord
9 Ysera

Priest (14)
0 Circle of Healing x2
1 Power Word: Shield x2
2 Shadow Word: Pain x2
3 Thoughtsteal
4 Auchenai Soulpriest x2
4 Shadow Madness x2
6 Holy Fire x2
10 Mind Control

It effectively stops most of the aggro decks unless I have a really bad draws (Ancient Watcher + Sunfury/Argus; Auchenai + Farseer + Basic Heal; Shadow Madness; SW: Pain; Auchenai + Circle of Healing).

It has crazy trade potential with high HP minions and good healing capabilities. It even usually rapes current druid meta unless they drop something fat on turn 1-2.

Now for the question marks:
I tested Azure Drake vs Spellbreaker in a series of games and can’t decide which one is more usefull therefore not sure which should I use.

Thoughtsteal is quite a fun card which I keep to surprise my opponents (drawing Polymorph is priceless) but is a subject to change as well.

Still thinking about putting 2x Crazed Alchemist and 2x SW: Death but I don’t know what to get rid of (except Big Game Hunter in that instance obviously) to make room for them.

I know that many people consider Ancient Watcher as a cliche card but I feel that it really stops the opponents momentum when played. It just sums up with all the other cards which help to survive early game which is so vital for priests. What is sad is the fact that most of the control decks can give away the early board advantage to own the opponent in mid/late game. I think it's different with priest where advantage lost early is usually gg.
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rov3r's deck actually seems pretty good. It's the minion version of a good Priest deck. Personally, I prefer running deck's with 20+ spell's (better board control and more consistent). Here's the deck I run, it's just different.

The only thing worth noting is don't use your shadow wards against anything that you don't think will cause you a lot of damage. Remember, most deck's (not all) run a few large cards that as a Priest you'll have to deal with. I usually try and end a game with Holy Fire if possible.
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02/17/2014 06:36 AMPosted by iceydefeat
I usually try and end a game with Holy Fire if possible.

That matches my experience and that's the reason why I consider crafting Velen soonish :)
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02/17/2014 07:01 AMPosted by rov3r
I usually try and end a game with Holy Fire if possible.

That matches my experience and that's the reason why I consider crafting Velen soonish :)

Velen will almost assuredly die/hexed/sheeped/MC'd before your next turn to use a Holy Fire.

On the flipside, I run Velen with Mindblasts, at 9 mana you get a 7/7 and a 2 mana Pyroblast. Even if he dies that turn I feel he was worth dropping. If you have 10 mana and a Coin card you could double Mind Blast in one turn if you had the cards in hand.
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Dreadspectre this is actually quite amazing :)
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Yeah, Velen is usually the best card a priest plays and instant hexed and what-not - if not stolen in some way.
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The biggest problem is definitely early board presence. Auchenai + Circle is turn 4 (or 3 with coin) at earliest, and by then there's a large chance you've eaten a mortal amount of starting damage because a lot of decks seem to be fast right now.

There are two different solutions, it seems. The more common one is the Ancient Watcher, and I have one deck built around that, but I've been trying Wild Pyromancer lately because it can work "now" as opposed to the next turn, with its own ups and downs. There might be more, but I haven't put any thought into other cards (I really like crazed alchemist, I think that card synergizes well with priest cards but isn't always a turn 2/3 play).

Either way, it usually seems to be the case of requiring 2+ cards to not feel like you're falling behind as a priest, so that definitely makes it rough because the first 3-4 turns are not that ideal (except maybe having a northshire turn 1 or 2 versus.. a paladin, since they can't actually do anything about it that early and it prevents a token, at the least).
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Yeah I gave up on Priest until I get better cards.
I have no Argus, or Protectors, or watchers, or blademasters, or the soulpriests, or holy fire, or pyromancer.
Without those, I can't do much against rush most of the time.

I went back to mage until I get better cards.
It's a shame since I love the priest class far more.
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Honestly I'm not really sure why people keep raving about the watcher combo. I've had those cards for awhile and honestly, I would say 60-70% of the time it's a dead card as I don't have a taunter with it or vice versa etc.

Or they come up too late in the deck to make a difference, it's not like watcher is 4/10 or something, 5 damage isn't that hard to do passed turn 4/5, plus just straight up hard removals.

Generally speaking I try and stay away from cards that are worthless without combo card, it's an easy way to screw yourself. It's the main reason I stopped running Soulpriest and CoH, it's a great combo it really is, but odds are you never have both cards in your hand when you need it.
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02/17/2014 02:19 PMPosted by Dreadspectre
Honestly I'm not really sure why people keep raving about the watcher combo. I've had those cards for awhile and honestly, I would say 60-70% of the time it's a dead card as I don't have a taunter with it or vice versa etc.
Run silences too. I have an owl and a pink dude (lulz), plus two sunfuries and two argus... I think I've had maybe two games in 50+ where a watcher was alone on the field at end game doing nothing. I've also had a few games where my opponent was kind enough to silence them for me. :D
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Seeing some decks got me curious though, some are not running Northshire Cleric, or don't even have a draw engine except for PW: Shield.

The deck above is practically the same one I use except I use Northshires and Pagle instead of Rag.
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1) Put Stranglethorn Tiger(5/5/5 Stealth)
2) Buff-up PWS→PWS→Divine Spirit→Divine Spirit→Inner Fire→
(Silence Taunt if you need)Smash

They said Priest is so OP.
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I really like the priest class. It is the class i play the most, because its fun to play.
I tried everything to make Velen work in constructed and it seems to be just not good enough.
Everything the priest has is like: this works well if...
...if velen survives for next turn
...if soulpriest AND circle of healing are in my hand when i need them
...if northshire cleric draws enough cards
...if my opponent doesn't play too many 4 damage minion
...if i have a good starting hand

so it feels really OP when you manage to get the right answer for everything, but with so many "ifs" the odds unfortunately lean towards a less than 50% win ratio in constructed above rank 10.

I think the priest is lacking in the early game, the only really good low cost priest specific minion is northshire cleric and this minion really only shines when played later in the game.

Cards like shadow madness feel really great when you are able to trade 2 for 1 and steal a deathrattle in the process, but that is yet an other "if" in the list. If you can't pull it off the card might not be that useful.

Shadow form looks great in theory. You get a mage hero power that does twice the damage for the rest of the game for only 3 mana!!!! sounds awesome. BUT the priest is already lacking in the early game, are you going to sacrifice a turn in the early game and lose tempo?

People complaining about the priest often mention the divine spirit innerfire combo. Well this only works when you have board controll so you can buff a minion and attack with it, if not its too risky to have it removed or silenced before you deal any damage. Also this combo requires a lot of deck commitment to it, you need to put in 4 cards just for the combo + any minion with high health that you might otherwise not want to play or put in your deck at all. You commit ~ 6 cards and risk not having the cards you need at the right time in the game. those cards can also affect your early game in a poor way and reduce your chance at having the board controll you need anyway to pull it off.

Mind games is bad vs rush decks or said differently, its only good vs other controll deck and priest doesnt need help vs other controll deck, only "fun" to play, but terrible in competitive constructed.

The hero power is often useless early game and priest need help early game. Late game priest would need more mana to secure a confortable position, so playing more big stuff is usually better than using the hero power. Priest could benefit with a card like innervate in that regard.

Holy nova, great card right? it is...
except for the fact that the aoe heal that is built into the spell also increases the cost to 5 mana, and the heal, well, you rarely benefit from it fully. It should cost 4 mana in my opinion. priest dont have strong single target heals like the paladin so why not a free aoe heal... same notion as circle of healing, free... (when compared to consecrate).

Mind controll, great great card. But it costs too much, might as well use deathwing if you want to remove his baord and but something of your own on the field, but wait, every class can use deathwing...

Holy fire. great card, but it competes with too many other great 6 cost cards. Namely: Sylvanas, Cairne, Temple enforcer, Argent commander, Cabal, sunwalker, black knight.

Mind blast: if only vellen could survive longer it would be great. In other cases dead card, wasted early game, priest is weak early, need to play something that affect the board.

Mass dispell and silence: those are there only to fit the priest theme, not because the priest needs it. You could argue 0 cost silence on a watcher on turn 2 is great, but the priest already suffers from relying on unrelyable combos

In conclusion, i seem to sound very negative about everything the priest is, but it it still the class i enjoy the most playing because it's FUN!
I hope blizzard buffs the priest class in a way that not only brings the win ratio up, but in a way that addresses the lack of strong early game plays and maybe reduce the randomness of relying on some card combos.
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