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Hi RatedGG. I see you are complaining here much as you do on the Shadowera forums! ^^

But I will propose one thing to you about priest, is that the hero ability adds HP to minions. Therefore in a way extending the milage of the cards you play. Also, Thoughtsteal is the only card in the game other than Ysera, that actually adds to your overall card draw potential. It's a 1 for 2 in that you lose one card of your own and gain two cards from your opponent. So priest gets 32 cards in their deck + healing. Extending how long their deck lasts when played correctly.

In other words priest have the most economical usage of cards in the game

And using 2 cards to kill 2 or more other cards is great value anyways. Priests have the best boardclear in the game

Hahaha. Hi to you to. Is that your handle for SE also? It's Beta (you're suppose to give feedback :D). But yeah, I grinded most of my packs and I keep pulling Priest cards over and over again (even the priest legendary). Sucks that I'm pulling cards for probably bottom tier of this game :/ (and I normally enjoy Priests).

Issue is that healing only works if you have board presence. After a lighting storm or flamestrike.. healing goes out the window because board is hard to regain. Cards are only at full value if you get the healing with it (ex: holy nova).

Suggestion: The damage on Holy Nova should be at 3... OR the damage increases from 2 to 3 when you have 1 minion or less on the field.

The reason why I say "1 minion or less" is because so things like Injured Blade Master+Holy Nova Combo would still do 3 damage or Thalnos/ADrake+HolyNova. 2 cards to do a flamestrike seems fair :/.
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