All the QQ made me create a troll Priest deck

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See you guys on casual!
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Naw, I did the same. I'm having way more fun than with my other decks. How else would you get sick hype battles like these?
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LoL nice
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Indeed man, I'd love to roll a trolling priest asap haha
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They need to change priest mechanics. Whether or not the class is good, bad, OP, whatever, it's just not fun to play against that crap.

If it's something that you make a troll account for - that's saying a lot.

I like the idea of the priest in Hearthstone; tanking damage with heals, or flipping that into some extra dps, buffing minions, healing minions to get more out of them, etc. The whole idea of having a slew of cards that essentially give you the opponents deck, that's just gimmicky and lazy design.

I had high hopes for priests when I started playing.
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go cry better about mages
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Taking control of opponents cards has been around CCG since the concept started. And has been an enjoyable staple since. It's a bit selfish saying that it needs to go simply because a few people say it's not fun to play against, or worse, just cannot deal with it... While myself and my priests friends thoroughly enjoy playing the class, even though it's highly unlikely we'll be seeing our names in the legendaries soon. There is a person on another side of the screen who might be enjoying the class concept and he has just as much right to play what he enjoys the most as much as the next guy.

Anyone who has played other CCG that there are other more infuriating concepts out there (be thankful discarders wasn't included in hearthstone). Asking for nerfs because of imbalance is one thing, but asking for nerfs because they would rather not deal with it is a whole different thing all together.

For myself, I sometimes get a bit tired going against UTH aggro face decks but if people are enjoying it, I just adjust my style to deal with it. There are also mages who enjoy freeze locking you till you can't even do anything for 4 turns and ice block you can finally do something. Then there's Paladins who turns your big fat monster into a 1 powered eunuch. Like always, we deal with it.

Fact is, priest is the only class that has a possibility to do funky cross-classes combos. It may not work 99 times out of 100, but for that 1 time it does, it feels great. Even if you don't win but pulled out something cool out of it, you come off the game happy.... Asking for the devs to take other people's enjoyment away (or worse... don't even play the class), simply because players on the receiving end of the combo is butthurt comes of as a bit entitled.
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I've been thinking about doing the same. I could name him Cheesy Prizza. :D
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Priest is the most fun class to play. Simple as that. I played a mage deck and it was boring as all hell compared to priest. It wont far more consistently, but its like a boring day at work. I want a fun time fishing where I might catch something or I might not. A bad day fishin' beats a good day workin' any day.

To hell with all the "its not fun" BS. Thats just a cop-out because you dont know how to play. If you cant beat your own decks cards, then you have issues.
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