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I made a rogue deck the other day and it is winning me alot of games in rank ~16.
If you have any ideas to what cards i could replace please do! I also have some legendaries which im not using in this deck: Lorewalker Cho, Harrison Jones and ofc Gelbin. Are any of these viable in this deck?

1x Elven archer
1x southsea deckhand
2x acidic ooze
2x Defias ringleader
X Nat Pagle
1x Novice Engineer
1x Patient assasin
2x Shattered sun cleric
X Tinkmaster
2x Chillwind yeti
2x Gnomish Inventor
2x Sen'jin shieldmaster
1x Argent Commander

1x Sprint
2x Assasinate
1x Fan of Knives
1x Perditions Blade
2x sap
2x backstab
2x deadly poison
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Id change Fan of Knives for Blade Flurry since you run poisons and perditions blade. I dont think the draw of the FoK really outweighs the lower cost of the BF and its added damage when combined with poison and/or Assassins.

Saps... hm not sure... Maybe consider dropping these, or just keeping one.

Sprint is a bit of a slow card at its cost, perhaps change it for an Auctioneer if you need the draw?

Id change the Elven Archer for a Loot Hoarder, since you basically dont need the 1 dmg ping to enrage anything. If you feel like you need an aggressive 1drop, use Leper Gnome?

Id also change the Engineer for a Loot Hoarder. Same draw, but a bit more useful simply because of stats.

Two oozes might not be the way to go, keep one and take a faerie dragon (same stats, same cost, but different use).

Patient Assassin is going to die a lot, I think. At 1 health hes easily AoE-able. However, at a low cost.... maybe? Keep it and let us know how he does :) .

Could perhaps change one Senjin Shieldmasta for a Defender of Argus?

Add in SI7 agents if you can, they are great.
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Thank you for your reply Slai! I've changed up a few things as you said.

Faerie dragon, blade furry, loot hoarder and defender of argus are now in the deck.
I've changed the 2 saps with 2 S17 agents since i often have plenty removal.

The patient assasin actually works relly well for me. I usually saves it for late game when they have blown all of their AoE's and they always panic or ragequit when i play the assasin.
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Cool, please come back and tell us how the deck performs in ranked :) .
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