so.... mind games.

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1st match today with a priest. mind games 1: alexstraza. mind games 2: alextraza: me = dead
2nd match. mind games 1: ragnaros mind games 2: cairne me =dead
3rd match. (curently 30hp 15 armor priest 17 hp 3 cards in hand)
mind games 1: deathwing and i lose.

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Cool story.

Let me regale you with my own tales:

Mindgames 1: Elvish Archer(no battlecry)
Mindgames 2: SAME GAME Elvish Archer again

Other favorites include Novice Engineers with no battlecry and other weenies with battlecries that don't activate.

I did mindgames a Tirion 4th turn yesterday though, that was amusing. Unfortunately the Paladin then Faceless'd it on 5th turn.
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So I was playing my priest the other day.

Yeti.. Azure Drake.. Injured Blademaster.. Ancient Watcher, then silenced.. Auctioneer.. sad face..
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Yep Mind games is a stupid card. I'd rather run one divine spirit and one inner fire than 2 mind games. It costs way too much for the effect, most people put in minions who battle cry so even if you get a 4 cost minion chances are it is still overcosted (for example azure drake that doesn't draw a card).
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i only have proof of one of the matches. heres where i got double mind gamed for 2 alexstrazas. which eventually ended in me losing.

you can see the mind games being cast on the left side bar.

also earlier today i got mindgames ragnarosed on turn 4 today again... just gonna start auto conceding on priests

idk if its because of OP card, really bad luck, or that im running to many big legendaries... but something isnt right here
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