Opinions on Warlock Openers vs. Rogue

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I'm soliciting opinions.

I've been running this Warlock aggro deck (which is non-murlock by the way) and I've found it fairly common to open w/ Flame Imp vs. Rogue to an empty board (regardless of going first or second).

Assuming the smart Rogue has 2 Backstabs in their deck, they actually have less than a 1 in 3 chance of drawing this card in their opening 4 or 5 cards. Backstab would be the natural reply, especially on turn 2.

My experience is that roughly half the time I get burned opening with this gambit.

What do some of you think about this play?
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Blood Imp has stealth, so backstab can't target it, so what's the problem...?
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Thinking he means Flame Imp, since opening with a solo Blood Imp is kinda pointless.
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I made an error - I get the names of the imps mixed up.
Fixed the copy.
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There's no getting around a backstab, your best bet is to give them a 3 health minion that they also have to hero power against, like Voidwalker, Master Swordsmith, or ofc Nat Pagle. You can also play with Faerie Dragon to try to bait the backstabs to your other minions before laying down some of the more vulnerable ones. I will usually put down one of these bait cards then lifetap for a turn or two to make sure everything's clear. Even with an early tap or two you can still win by turn 8 with most hands and since rogue's lack strong aoe removal, loading up the board on turns 4+5 usually is ok.
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@badjar: I take it then you consider the gambit unworthy, which is fair. I guess it's really a greedy play - if it fails, you've lost health, a minion, board presence and initiative.

My thinking was to open strong, with what I feel is a good percentage play, to acquire/vie for board control and initiative, since most Rogues don't seem to play a control style deck. I feel the worst result possible would be Backstab/Defias Bandit (or some other 2 minion).

I like this match-up as both classes typically are very aggressive. Games are frequently counterpunching types and the roles of aggressor & controller switch a lot between players...
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