Ok so i crafted leeroy a few days back so I decided !@#$ it. Make a murloc deck.Yeah theres a good chance it will get nerfed but lets give it a go and see if I feel like an %^-*!@# for playing this.

So i got pretty much everything, all the murlocs (2x epics) Old eye leeroy ect ect and heres what I think.

This $%^- is fun. I mean i still like my giants lock more but there is no arguing about it.Murlocs are pretty damn fun to play with.I recommend even if you hate it right now (i sure did).

There is actually a learning curve with this deck aswell to my surprise.Its not warrior control but you need to put in some time

Also you learn how to deal with them better just by seeing people mistakesYou have no idea how many people are missplaying by killing the wrong things.