-- Bane of Doom oOo Deck and statistics!

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Bane of Doom
(5) Deal 2 damage to a character. If that kills it, summon a random Demon.

Well, the card text should be corrected in some way, since there are "random" Demons that are NOT in the pool to summon from.

Here are my statistics with this card:

Warlock Demons:

Blood Imp..........19
Flame Imp..........13
Void Terror........0
Pit Lord...........0
Dread Infernal.....12
Lord Jaraxxus......0

Neutral Demons:

Illidan Stormrage..........0

played with this deck: "Bane of Doom" by Leolph

2x Soulfire
2x Morten Coil
2x Ancient Watcher
1x Bloodmage Thalnos
2x Ironbeak Owl
2x Sunfury Protector
2x Drain Life
2x Shadow Bolt
1x King Mukla
1x Shadowflame
2x Ancient Mage
2x Defender of Argus
1x Summoning Portal
2x Bane of Doom
2x Azure Drake
1x Siphon Soul
2x Archmage
1x Lord Jaraxxus
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Yeah, it's not fully random, the card can only pick from a limited amount of demons, exactly the ones you've counted.

I do agree the description is not entirely accurate, but I thought this "limited" effect was known for quite some time already. Anyway, it's definitely interesting to see the results, must have taken you awhile.
Edited by JH24 on 2/17/2014 11:48 AM PST
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The card cant read: Deal 2 damage, if it kills it summon one of: Voidwalker, Felguard, Dread Infernal, Flame Imp, Blood Imp or Succubus.

Is it just me or would that be stupid? Maybe it should read, if it kills it, summon a random demon from a limited set of predetermined demons? lol... Nah it should just stay as is.
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Bane of doom can summon any Non legendary non token(imp master's imps are demons) because illadain and jaraxes can't be summoned by it but I have seen ever other demons like doom guard/pit lords being the rarer(doom guard being the rarest due to it being a charge). Also yes void terror can be summoned but without its battle cry of course.

Also think about it if you could BoD jarraxes he would be a 3/15 minion with no ability because his battle cry is becoming you hero so without his battle cry...You get it now.
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should be what you kill if you kill a loot horder or something you should get an imp if you kill a murloc you should get a Illidan Stormrage to balance the game
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I know the cards come into game without battlecry.
But card text should be changed or all demons listed above should be added in the spawn pool.

btw, anybody tried my deck? :-)
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I got a golden Bane of Doom but i don't run it. I got a fun deck with all my goldens ( i stopped dusting goldens and now collect them since i got a good amount of legendaries by now ) Not a big fan of the card but golden Felguard looks pretty cool when you get it.
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I made it with this deck to rank 8 EU, but now my warlock is 60, so I'll switch class. The deck is cool in ranked, too! :-)
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If you liked this deck and want to see new decks with wierd combos in action, check out my stream @ twitch.tv/leolph

A new rogue deck is online, check it out here

Hope to hear some feedback :-)
Edited by Leolph on 2/19/2014 2:47 PM PST
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It's really obnoxious that Doomguard and Pit Lord aren't able to be summoned from it. Apparently we can't even let one of our bad cards make some of our other bad cards not so bad.
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Yes, I hope Blizzard will change this before game goes live.
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I wish it would always summon a doom guard like in Warcraft 3, that would be sweet.
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