the reason why people think priests are OP

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so on forums for a while there's a large group of people who think priests are OP. and then they get the comments that suggest that its a weak class, on several threads.

priest is a very underplayed class for some reason despite it being VERY VERY strong.

for one, as a free to play player u can have access to big cards like legendaries without spending a dime, in the form of mind control, thoughtsteal, mind vision, and mind games. when your paired against a p2w player and your f2p, now you have that glimmer of hope.

but in a p2w vs p2w aspect. the presence of a mind control looms around turn 9+ it puts you in an akward position where you cant play any big cards safely. a smart priest will hold on to the mind control until you get gutsy to play that ragnoros or that ysera.

on top of that , thoughtsteal provides instant card advantage, being able to steal 2 random cards. playing the priest myself earlier i realized that more often then not you get very good mid/late game cards with it.

but basically the better the deck of the person your fighting, the stronger a priest becomes.

in addition to the "mind cards" they have large removal such as the shadow words. with the shadow words alone they can secure early/late game wins be removing your board.

if that wasn't enough, the soul priest+circle as well as holy nova can aoe wipe the board.

every card the priest has in its arsenal gives instant card advantage and board presence of some sort, and can turn a losing game into a winning game with multiple cards.

sure if your running an aggro deck, priest wont be able to take anything worthwhile and hes in trouble. but vs the legendary heavy late-game control decks its very hard to pull off a win vs priest even with good cards and experience.

I'm not saying priest is OP, its just a lot stronger then all of these people on forums believe it to be. you can make a very nasty legendary priest control.

-free to play friendly
-able to steal cards
-mind control presence
-loads of removal
-big aoe clears
-strong vs. p2w control

-weak to aggro/rush decks
-p2w on priest really does not boost your capabilities, same mechanics
-weak vs bad cards or weird deck setups.
-issues with 4 attack cards

if nothing its an underplayed class that more people should seriously consider trying out, it has more potential then originally perceived
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4 damage minions, priest is dead.
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I play rogue and have 80% win rate Vs priests. With my control paladin I only have a 50/50 win rate because it goes to the late game. Good early pressure does well against priests. If you let the game drag on you are in trouble.
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It's not strong at all OP, Priest is the worst class in HS according to hearthstats as it has the lowest winrate. Despite the "advantages" you point out Priest has a weak early game as the only early creature it has is the 1 mana cleric....but if you play it at turn 1 you're actually an idiot so they don't have any early game creatures. Secondly 4 attack creature= dead priest, you have so many good 4 attack creatures from common cards like Spellbreaker to legendaries like Tirion and Ysera. Ysera esp. pretty much game over unless they have MC as there is currently no way to kill it unless you run enough creatures to deal 12 damage, pretty ridiculous if you ask me.
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I've been facing a different breed of priests (though prolly nothing new to most vet players here).. alot of card stealing , game-stalling to make you run out of cards
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