Mind Control is... OP?

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Faceless Manipulator +

Mage: + Polymorph = 9 mana
Druid: + Naturalize = 6 Mana
Shaman: + Hex = 8 Mana
Hunter: + Hunter's Mark + Arcane = 7 mana
Paladin: + No direct counter, but a ton of options
Rouge: + Assassinate = 10 mana
Warlock: + Power Overwhelming = 6 mana
Warrior: No direct counter

Yes, these methods take two cards and have potential other downsides, but they accomplish almost exactly the same thing. Not to mention, there are other clever combos which can accomplish similar things. Or that you can neuter cards in a number of ways. Plus each class has their own little cost efficient, potentially OP deals.

Stop complaining.
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^Paladin: +Equality + Consecration = 6 mana, and it kills everything on your board (save for bubbled targets)

^Warrior: +Brawl = 5 mana (kills everything on both boards except for one target)
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It'd be pointless to Faceless before the Brawl if most things die. And Priest is probably the most neglected class, I don't get why people are complaining
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They complain because they don't understand that a game lost due to Mind Control had been lost much earlier then when MC was played :S
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Mind control should have a much lower mana cost. 0 or 1 and should be used more per game to give priests a better chance.
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MC should have stayed at 8 in my opinion... people whined about MC because it's 'unfun' and not because it's imbalanced. Dealing with all the fat 8/9 cc drops is pretty bad with MC at 10 especially going second.

noob says, "hehe im going to play my Ysera and pwn this noob. oh noes, how silly of me to forget my enemy is a priest *face palm*"

It's unfun because your enemy is forcing you to play outside your comfort zone or to tech differently? boohoo xD.
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Got nothing to do with teching differently or being out of our comfort zone.

We are leading a revolt against the rampant spread of hunters and you priests are getting in our way by countering our late game taunt decks.
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