Gladiators Longbow - Explosive Trap

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It's an issue of priority. Secrets will always take priority over the minion or hero that set it off. The text for Gladiator's Longbow says "Hero is immune while attacking." Technically speaking the trigger happens before the attack, which means immunity doesn't apply. The animation makes it pretty lear you'll notice your hero paused when the secret triggered meaning the attack was halted and the hero was no longer attacking.
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AFAIK "immune" just means you don't take retaliation damage. For example, if you bestial wrath a 2-hp beast and then kill an Abomination with it, it'll still die to the deathrattle. So obviously the same applies to heroes.
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The wording on the card isn't very clear, so the original poster would be correct. It might be working as intended, but the wording is just wrong I guess. Post it on the technical support forums or something like that?
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To me this is bug in either way - either it is not "immune" or it wrongly written card's description. When you are using the "Bestial Wrath" in similar situation, your beast is not getting the damage from the trap as is considered immune.
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While I disagree that it should work the way it does, if it is as intended then the animation should be changed (as should the card text tbf). As when I was in this situation myself, my character even had the immunity animation on [as I was in the process of attacking - hovering above my usual character's location], but I still received the damage. If I'm not immune at that time (and hence can take damage) and do take damage from explosive trap, then why should the immune visual be on?

Unless this was changed sometime recently.
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I just ran into this issue and its clearly been around a while but I think I've figured out what is actually going on.
I believe that the issue is that Explosive Trap actually pauses your attack while the activation goes off, therefore not attacking and not immune. Its not obvious from either cards text but I don't think it is a bug. I don't think there is a way they could change the wording to make it obvious without it being awkward or too wordy but it makes more sense to change the interaction to make your Hero Immune to the trap damage.
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03/17/2014 07:41 AMPosted by Bogrim

To all naysayers, you have to think about Gladiator's Longbow in itself. The whole point of equipping this weapon is that you can't die when using it. That's why it costs more 2 mana than an Arcanite Reaper despite having the exact same damage and number of charges.

Actually, I think the point of the card is to simulate the idea of a ranged weapon as opposed to a melee weapon. If you have closed to melee combat then you can take damage from the enemy you are in combat with. If you are firing from a distance then it makes sense that that enemy can't hurt you. However, other things that can hurt you even when you're not in close combat with it should still, logically, be able to hurt you. The longbow isn't supposed to be putting up a shield it is only simulating the idea of attacking from a distance and explosive trap can damage from a distance so it makes sense that you aren't immune from it.

I agree that the wording of the card would lead you to believe that you should be immune but the concept that the longbow embodies would not really lend itself to that interpretation.

So I think it's working as intended to reflect the concept of a long range weapon even if the card text itself is misleading.
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03/17/2014 07:38 PMPosted by RaSTVaMPHuNT
03/17/2014 11:40 AMPosted by Kayas
This is an easy explanation. Just use stack mechanics which applies last in, first out rules.

1) Attack opposing Hero with bow. Bow triggers effect because you are attacking.
2) Apply Immune Effect.
3) Attack Hero triggers Explosive Trap because the Hero was attacked.
4) Apply Explosive Trap Damage.

Apply last in first out.
4) Damage applies. You go to 0 HP. Game over.
3) - 1) never happen because the game ends as soon as you hit 0 hp.

Then how do you explain the example above with a Paladin triggering Explosive Trap with Truesilver Champion, getting reduced to 0, then getting healed to 2 and KOing the opponent?

Two things happening in the same event but game engine resolving them in an order.
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Sorry to necro, but just had this happen, and am convinced it's a bug, seen no official response and this is top google.

Why convinced it's a bug? You GET the blue immunity shield for a split second before the trap goes off, So it's not a matter of priority, the game already knows you're immune. I mean, how else could the trap trigger? Then, there's NO way a trap activating should change your status to not attack while it resolves, then back to attacking after. There's no mechanical or logical reason for it. These should be statuses that carry between functions, but my guess is the trap function is called, and when longbow status is checked it asks which function it's in, and if it's not in the attacking function it doesn't apply. But that's just laziness somewhere.
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I had this happen once, but it makes sense to me considering the explosive goes off before the attack.
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Necro'ing this yet again: happened to me today.

I saw my character get the blue outline of immunity from the Longbow.

Then the trap triggered, and when it did the outline faded.

Then I took 2 damage.

Then I died.
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sounds like a bug to me :(
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04/22/2015 12:20 PMPosted by Sweagen
sounds like a bug to me :(


ExpT isn't attack damage, and you are not technically attacking when it goes off.

"When attacking" is a state where 2 characters are trading damage (sometimes 0 damage, like heroes without a weapon or 0 attack minions). Actually trading damage to, Betrayal is not an "when attacking" event, as the victims don't trade their damage back.
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known bug
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[quote="120894215575"]Sorry guys but both Cephalic and Zoid62 are correct : the cards are working as intended.

What i´ve learned, the hard way of course: the "when your hero is attacked" component applies when you have something with an actual attack value is going for the hero. Spell cards have no attack values, is only an amount of damage. the only real cards that have an attack value are minions.

What im trying to say is that ONLY an attack from a minion will trigger the "when hero is attacked" component of the cards, and guess what, a hero using a weapon counts as a minion.

Spells are direct damage, so they will not trigger such effect, and Exp trap is a spell card. That is why the inmunity component of the bow didn´t applied, the hunter with the trap did not had a "real" attack value on his own.

I know it sounds weird at the least and some ppl will think it might be a sort of bug...but i´ve seen the same kind of situation on EVERY secret card that i faced/used in the game. Mage´s Ice wall triggered by a minion attacking, but not my arcane shot/Kill command. Oponents hiting me with fireblast to the face but triggering Eye for an eye with a minioin when i use pally, etc, etc.

So, what i apply as a practical rule is: spells will bypass the "hero attacked" effect from secrets, and Gladiator´s will only really make me inmune when you attack minions.

On the other hand, im open to corrections, so whoever gets a recording of this being wrong, plz post it. Thanks is advance =)[/quote

what you're describing is completely different. spells dont trigger secrets that trigger on an attack. That is a given. This is an instance where immunity is bypassed by a spell.
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Unintended bug for sure.
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You just said that your hero is a minion, contradicting your entire argument.
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The thing is the trap triggers 1st and it should not.

If there is some kind of logic behind, it is wrong.

The hunter IS immune. Apart from the explicit wording (can anybody die while being immune?), this makes sense that the card should provide this benefit (picture the fight)
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does a warlock hero or demon minions take damage from explosive trap while Mal'Ganis is out?

If not, then Blizzard needs to remediate their cards and make sure effects work in a consistent fashion.
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The moral of the story is... Blizzard, fix Gladiator's longbow, please!! 7 mana Hunter epic that barely sees any play, and needs a bit of love. ;) Thanks!
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