Is the Handlock giant deck viable...

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It is viable without legendarys?
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Without Alex and/or Jaraxxus you have no real heal besides Earthen Ring and some other small heals. You'll just die in alot of games.
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Ohh, becouse i've got all giants but no legendarys and i dont know if i should get some dust to craft alex or jaraxxus
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Craft Alex first as he's useful in other decks besides Handlock, and you really need at least 1 of Alex/Jaraxxus as otherwise playing Handlock is simply way too risky since you have no healing options as others have said.
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I only had Jaraxxus ( and the Giants ofc ) when i started playing handlock and although it was going ok-ish ( got to rank 8-ish ) i feel it really became viable when i also added Alex . ( got to rank 2-3 ) .

The Giants are nice and all but you need the big heals to survive . Also the endless stream of 6/6's if you can get Jaraxxus played at the right time is something that cannot be underestimated.

If i had to only use one of Jaraxxus / Alex i'd use Jaraxxus but imho they're both essential.
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I also think it is necessary to have at least a jaraxxus and/or alex. Handlock is about constantly juggling between life and death (hovering around 10-15 hp) to make the most effective use of the deck. Jaraxxus and Alex acts as backup life support as well as finisher. Currently I only have a Jaraxxus in my handlock (along with multiple utility legendarys) but no Alex. There are multiple times where Alex probably would have won me the game, unfortunately I have never gone across to crafting her. However, I think that Jaraxxus is better than Alex if you're solely looking to build up a Handlock deck. Alex has more versatility in that she can be used in many different decks though.
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I enjoy my warlock giants deck a lot. Would you guys mind posting your decks? I like to compare to get ideas on how to better improve my own. Here is my giants deck

Demon fire x2
Acidic swamp ooze
Sunfury Prot x2
Ancient watcher x2
sense demons x1
shadow bolt x2
Earthen ring farseer x1
Hellfire x2
Shadow flame x1
DOA x2
Spellbreaker x1
Twilight drake x2
Siphon soul x2
Black knight
Twisting nether x1
Mountain giant x2
Molten giant x2
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