Mid range control deck

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Hello I recently tried out the priest class and I am having a blast.
I would like to share my deck with which I am having quite a success.
The gameplan is to just stall the game till the opponent is out of cards .
Mostly win games due to the fatigue and the opponent conceding.
This deck seems to be most effective against control decks.
Aggro hunter and murlocks deck is a whole different story.
I know the deck is light on early game. I tried changing it to balance it out but the result was not that great, started losing to control decks as well.
Any constructive criticism on this deck would be appreciated especially against those murloc decks.

Reason for not including lightspawn is the fact that as soon as that minion is played it bearly survives a turn either gets silenced or gets killed.

2x Holy smite (not to be used on the opponents face)
1x Northshire cleric ( Never play this card on turn 1 )
2x Shadow word Pain ( for creatures with buff capabilities like gurubashi. frothing auchenai etc.)
2x Acidic swamp ooze ( no explanation needed)
1x Ironbeak owl ( thinking of changing it but cant seem to find a good substitute for it)
2x Shadow word Death
1x Harvest golem (solid card)
2x Thoughtsteal
1x Injured blademaster (works best with northshire cleric)
1x Mind control tech (works wonder when opponent has 4 or more minions in early game)
1x Shadow Madness (again quite a useful card)
2x Chillwind Yeti
1x Dark Iron Dwarf
1x Defender of Argus (quite a handy card)
2x Holy Nova
1x Azure Drake
1x Darkscale Healer (synergizes quite well with gurubashi and northshire)
1x Gurubashi Berserker ( can easily get out of control especially with priest healing abilities)
1x Holy fire
1x Argent Commander
1x Temple enforcer
1x Mind control
1x Ragnaros the firelord ( usually try to play this when opponent has used all his removal abilities)

I dont think I have lost a single game to other priest control decks simple because of so many minions with 4 attack
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Ditch the cleric, if you're not going to play it early, and you don't have any taunters for it to hide behind there are better cards that give you reliable draw.

Regarding the owl if you want to get rid of it, consider an ancient watcher good synergy with silence and Defender of Argus (I would always run 2 silence in any Priest deck to take care of annoying minions make room for them) If you don't like that, consider Doomsayer this may help with your aggro deck problems.
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yes I will collect dust for doomsayer I guess that is the only answer to those early game rush decks thanks for the suggestion though :)
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