Need some Jaraxxus deck tips.

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Im fairly new, and got quite lucky and managed to get Jaraxxus, id love to make a deck around him, but at the moment, dont have the cards for it (According to guides)...I do have pint sized mage and Summoning portal, would it be worth using them for now? I realise I need board control, so hell fire etc is a must.

Could anyone help me to construct a basic deck please? :)
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Jaraxxas is so easily countered, that its wiser to not have an attitude of building your deck around him (in fact generally speaking, its not a good idea to base your deck around just a single card). As a card, Jaraxxas is very good card in breaking stalemates, particularly in late game, however there are a huge number of counters to him (he is counted as a minion when being summoned, so there are plenty of secrets that work against him, and using things like Sacrifice Demon against him are hilarious)

In any case, he plays well in the "handlock" style deck (i.e. lategame warlock control with heavy taunts, giants/golemns)
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I'm a free player who also happened to luck out and get a Jaraxxus. So my card options aren't the best either. But my deck looks something like this:

1 power overwhelming
2 light warden (combos with the healing in the deck and also stops priests from spamming heal as I rush them down)
1 mana Addict
2 Amani beserker
2 drain life
1 earthen ring far seer
2 flame imp
2 void walker
2 summoning portal (can get Jaraxxus out for 5 cost sometimes)
2 shield masta (I play this on the same turn I place a portal down so on turn 6 I can put them both down at once)

that's the general idea of it

Idea behind the deck is to push push push and keep the board clear so that I can place down a summoning portal + shield masta without being contested too much on the board. Then I keep pushing until I'm either desperate enough or have enough momentum to overwhelm them with Jaraxxus
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