Warlock is broken.

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I understund that if you have all the expert cards there might be some strong decks for this class, but having only some expert cards this class is the totall failure while facing other classes with plenty of expert cards unlocked.

I can build a succesfull deck for all classes but warlock. And i havent focused on any class with unlocking new cards trough dust. I have even unlocked some warlock classes to buff my lock deck but it all doesnt matter. Im being steamrolled by far superior combos other classes can do.

Its most frustrating class ever. If you dont have all the crucial murlocs you cant do murloc deck that will be able to stand its ground. If you go other form of rush with succubuses etc. they will just kick your own !@#$ so hard you are losing adventage anyway (either by discarding good cards or by simply forcing you to clear your hand to play whatever is drawn).

Every time after having great time playing any other class doing quests every like 3 days, whenever i try to give warlock another chance (thinking, there must be some viable build), loosing time after time and experimenting with different builds time after time and then being obliterated by people who dont even need to have great combos or cards i feel like throwing HS into trash bin...

Whats your working decks? What legendaries/rares you need in them?
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I've played around with a Warlock Spell Power Control deck. But it's kinda iffy. Might be better if I had some Azure Drakes and/or Ancient Mages, and Thanos Bloodmage. But usually it just gets schooled by players that don't suck. Warlock spells and removal aren't exactly efficient - even zero-cost Soulfire, since unless things are working perfectly, you have to burn a card. And if you have a card that you don't mind losing, then it probably shouldn't be in your deck in the first place.... so yeah...

Warlock Giant deck was popular for awhile. Maybe try that?
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Honestly, Warlock is easy to win with, but it can only be played one way until you've got some very specific cards.

Just build an aggro deck, and keep your hand full by life tapping as frequently as possible. Two shadowbolts, two mortal coils, and two soul fires should be just about all you need for removal. Then just put in tons of low mana-cost minions so you can play several a turn once you get into the mid and late game. Basically the only Warlock minions worth putting in the deck are Voidwalker and Blood Imp. The rest are really dangerous... I mean 90% of the time when you play a flame imp, your opponent immediately kills it, so you took that 3 damage for nothing. Succubus is even worse, unless it was the last card in your hand. The Blood Imps will keep buffing your attacking minions all game so they can become harder to kill, and your Voidwalker can keep weaker minions with bigger attacks alive longer by blocking for them.

The bulk of the deck should be neutral minions. Shattered Sun Cleric is a must, and it's free. Hand of Argus is also amazing. Definitely throw in Gnomish Engineers, as they're 2/4 and you get to draw a card, so it's like you're playing a 2/4 and life tapping, except it doesn't cost you health... and if you want to life tap in addition to playing it, that option is available to you. Two very important cards are Abusive Sergeant and Dark Iron Dwarf. Both give you a little boost of damage for a turn to one of your cards, which can result in some really nice trades for you (like taking out a 3/3 with a 1/1 or something), plus the Dark Iron Dwarf is a pretty solid minion at 4/4. Divine Shield minions or Harvest Golems are also quite good, as they make a total board clear a lot more difficult for your opponent to pull off. If you have Faerie Dragons, add them too in order to really frustrate any opponent who relies heavily on removal spells. Lastly, throw in Frostwolf Warlords and/or Stormwind Champions to close out the game with. Basically you will be fighting your opponent for board control all game long, and you should win thanks to how many minions you are able to play thanks to your card draw. If you put out a Stormwind Champion while you already have board control, it's pretty much GG.
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Most Demons either outright suck or are too situational.

Succubus is terrible.
You use two cards to summon a creature that gets killed by any 3/2 minion and many spells.
Felguard is a worse version of Sen'Jin Shieldmaster, aside from that you get it one turn early.
Breaking a mana crystal just isn't worth it.

Void Terror is very situational and thus rarely used.
Power Overwhelming and Imp Master make it usable but neither of those two are very popular either.

Dread Infernal is situational as well, but definitely not bad.
If you play it when you have Amani Berserker or Raging Worgen ready to attack then it's great.
Or when your opponent has something really nasty on the board, but with only 1 health left on it.
Or Divine Shields! Since 1 damage is enough to pop all of those.

On the other hand if your opponent has enrage creatures on the field you pretty much can't play it!

Void Walker and Blood Imp are pretty nice.
And Flame Imp is only good when played early, but that does make it good in rush decks which usually lose if it gets to late game anyway.

However many of Warlock's spells are pretty nice and their Hero Power is crazy good!
Aside from the 1 mana cost Demons (and possibly Jaraxxus and Dread Infernal) you should just use neutral minions instead.
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