Warlock Cards need a change.

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Just putting this out there because it needs to be said. Since Locks aren't getting DoT's or Curses, i feel balance changes are in order.
-And list!

-Flame Imp: Even on first-turn this card takes 3 damage to you. It's too much a risk to put in the deck if you don't get it first turn it's a hindrance. 1 mana crystal for a SLIGHTLY better minion but it does 3 damage to you.
Suggestion: Just make the damage 1-2 if you have to, otherwise replace battlecry.

-Pit lord: 2 mana crystals less than Lord of the Arena, yet does 5 damage to you without a taunt. Not worth it in the slightest. IF warlocks could heal themselves like priest/paladin, maybe, but otherwise there isn't a point in using it.(too much cost for minimal gains).
Suggestion: Really I'd only suggest 1-2 damage if that.

Twisting Nether: While I do like the idea, the cost is a bit high. Mages can easily output more damage with spell power and a lot less cost. Rogues can return to hand with 6, and to be honest it's just an underwhelming card. It's 50/50 dice-roll if your opponent has any cards in his hand.
Suggestion: Raise to 9-10 or keep at 8, but make it only enemy cards.
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02/20/2014 03:50 PMPosted by Empiren
Suggestion: Just make the damage 1-2

Hehe, I see you're either a new player or just haven't noticed recent changes to warlock. Flame imp got nerfed, since it has dealt 'only' 2 damage to your hero previously.

02/20/2014 03:50 PMPosted by Empiren
without a taunt

Damn me, but I was quite sure that he has the taunt ability :D. Checked it once again ;). Imo, it's pretty weak too. 5 damage is quite big amount and the taunt is something essential here.

And finally, about Twisting Nether: The only idea about improving this spell is decreasing its cost to 7, but it's not that critical. Nether's quite fine, you just need to know how and when to use it. Im not very good myself, but I guess that this knowledge just comes to you in proper time ;)
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Warlocks seem like one of the most versatile classes in the game as far as decks you can construct.
Some of the warlock cards suck but that doesn't bother me as I could care less if the card is neutral or class specific.

The warlock cards that don't suck are extremely good.
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02/20/2014 03:50 PMPosted by Empiren
Just putting this out there because it needs to be said. Since Locks aren't getting DoT's or Curses, i feel balance changes are in order.
-And list!

Sorry to burst your bubble but Hearthstone isn't WoW. The fact that Warlocks don't have Curses and DoTs doesn't mean they should nor does it mean that certain Warlock cards need changing. Also, since your obviously a new player, as others have mentioned here already, I'd suggest you try to learn the game first before coming here with your "balance changes" which are based on absolutely nothing and only show your inexperience and lack of understanding that Hearthstone has nothing to do with WoW other than the lore.
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Actually it's more like the Warlock Power and the Warlock Cards don't mix.

If the Warlock had a different power (and life tap was a card instead) we wouldn't feel the hurt from flame imps, pit lords, succubus, Doom Guard, Felguard, hellfire, and Soulfire.

It's easier to fix the Warlock power than it would be to change all those cards.
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I am going to have to agree. Im not saying Warlock needs a buff or anything but the lower level demon cards are highly ineffective from my experience.

Yes they are very strong for their mana cost but they are so easily killed off early game by all sorts of things.

Eg Arcane Missles, Arcane Shot, Backstab, Cleave, Drain Life, Forked Lightning, Holy Smite, Mortal Coil and many more. Essentially I am trading my card + its disadvantages for their 1 card.

Flame Imp would make me lose 3 life or at best he does 3 damage and is killed off so we are even.
Succubus, say she does 4 damage and is killed off at turn 3. Well you lose a card early game.
Felguard, Sexy but ever time I use him sure its nice to do 3 damage but I find it so hard to recover from 1 mana down. Seem to be more effective at turn 10 but by then easily killed off.
Void Terror. Love this guy and take skills to make him work but normally doing it around 4-6 mana. Easily silenced and assassinated.

Im done with these demon cards, I just cant get them to work. If you like to share, please do.
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I love, love, LOVE Void Terror
been using it with ancient watcher , sunfury protector, coin and Power Overwhelming on turn three to make him 13/15.

Very hard to remove early even with silence ( Shadow Word:Death being the obvious exception) but it pulls those removal cards out for my Ragnaros later.

The Terror also sinergises well with Flesheating Ghoul, and Cairn Bloodhoof,

And before Void Terror I honestly thought Sylvanas Windrunner was only a Creature deterrent but with Void Terror ( or Power Overwhelming ) She becomes a cheaper Mind Control.

One note I do run a Sacrificial Pact just in case someone Mind Controls or Faceless' him.
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I love, love, LOVE Thread Necromancy

Yes, we get it... Stop, please.
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i think they should change succubus to be a 3/4 minion rather than 4/3 because it dies easily to a 3/2 minion and you also discard a card. Or maybe change her battlecry to be a deathrattle instead. And Bane of Doom seems a little worthless, maybe it should have it's mana cost reduced and change it to give an enemy minion deathrattle: summon a demon.
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You'd be surprised how often Bane of Doom gives you a felguard or infernal, sometimes you fizzle with an imp or a voidwalker, but more often than not you get a decent value out of it.
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lmao, Flame Imp is already 1 of, if not the best turn 1 drop in the game and you want to buff it?

Pit Lord buff should be considered, since it has the stats of a 5 mana drop, meaning you are taking 5 damage for a discount of 1 mana on turn 4, which unlike the Flame Imp, is a lot more dangerous.
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