Tips/Guides for Handlocks?? (New to this)

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Hey guys im new to handlocks, just made my deck today actually. I have every card I could need (basically copied Strifeco's from fight night). But im not quite sure how to really play the deck, Im getting to the point to where I can drop my big giants (turn 6 ish). But my problem is im that im dying before I can play Alex or Jar haha, I dont quite understand the concept of when to use my earthen to heal and such or when to hoard to play giants sooner.

The idea of handlock is very interesting to me as it seems like something that takes skill, rather than braindead mongo face murlocs, etc...

If anyone has any helpful tips/general play strategies id really appreciate it!

MY DECKLIST:;43:2;647:2;122:2;673:2;573:2;482:1;153:2;500:2;372:2;557:2;542:2;360:2;303:1;264:2;94:2;
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You kinda have to know / guess what your opponent will play and Mulligian that way. There's a few cards that should never be kept in a starting hand ( Argus , Siphon Soul , Shadowflame for example ) while others are good in specific matchups. Mountains for example are great in your opening hand if your opponent plays slower too while they're awful if youre already close to death at turn 4 when you can potentially play them.

Usually i only play stuff before turn 4 if i suspect i'd otherwise lose OR if i'm second which forces me to use 1 card or i'm over 10 at turn 4 . I've seen people coin Life Tap but idk that seems iffy you can't play giants before turn 4 anyway and wasting the coin like that doesn't seem right. Maybe if your starting hand really really sucks but usually you'll have something you can play . Be it an Earthen Ring an Ancient Watcher or something.

I personally also run Pagle for that purpose just to throw something out and absorb some early blows . He's also kinda sturdy if you're in dire need for something to taunt up early on.

With a very spellfilled deck Thalnos is also pretty neat though he's not really that important. But i'd miss him if i'd take him out.
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Ok thanks a lot for your input! I tried running pagle for a but but just wasnt feeling it, I might try it again. Im getting better at it, holding my own at rank 6 haha
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I don't have any mountain giants, but I do have most of the core cards including Jarraxus. Im running Cho with it currently and I have 1200 dusts. I dont use much spells early on and found him quite useful in some situations.

Do you guys think I should go for a legendary or buy 2x Mountain giants to complete the deck synergy?
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Forget Mountain giants. What you want to do is yo-yo between medium and low health while adding taunts to keep you from harm.

Molten giants, Argus, Jaraxxus.

Earthen ring, Soul siphon, Life steal. - 16 health if drawn.

You land your giants or w/e and argus them. then you proceed to heal - best case scenario.

Bane of doom is scoffed at but if you land a Felguard or an Infernal you are sitting pretty with a 2 for 1. Otherwise its a bad investment as far as mana goes. Still a fun card that'll always have a place in my setups.

Thalnos bloody is something i dont own, but would be invaluable to my deck as i run bane of doom, life steal etc. This is a must imo and it can decide games in a pinch + card draw.

Pagle is meh in this kind of deck but draws out removals which is nice for 2 mana.
Cairne Bloodhoof is nice too to keep that control.
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