After playing priest for a while, doing the old Divine Spirit, Inner Fire madness (and having some fun with 4th turn 20/20 light wells). I was getting a bit sick of the unreliability of my deck and the lack of late game (granted I needed to add more draw as I would find my self top decking by 8th drawing useless buff cards with no minions out).

I've turned to the dark side.

This is the deck I'm running at the moment:

2 x Silence
2 x Holy Smite
2 x Mind Blast
2 x Shadow Word Pain
2 x Novice Engineer
2 x Shadow Word Death
2 x Shadowform
2 x Ironfur Grizzly
1 x Mindgames
2 x Sen'jin Sheildmasta
2 x Holy Nova
2 x Azure Drake
1 x Harrison Jones
2 x Holy Fire
2 x Sunwalker
1 x Prophet Velen
1 x Mind Control

The main idea of this deck is to trade out the early game with heavy removal, and out damage the opponent in the late. So far this deck has been much more fun and more reliable than previous priest decks I've built. I find it particularly strong VS warrior, rogue, paladin and hunter and about 50-50 with mages, warlock, shaman and other priests

My recent changes have been a swap from Shieldbearers to Sun walkers. Previous iterations included Kobold Geomancers for 3rd turn removal of 3 hp minions with Smite (Flame Tounge, Mana Tide, Mana Wyrm, Voidwalker etc) but I've decided to hold onto my SW:P for those instead. I also used to run Malygos and Velen, but found Velen to be a much better fit as I can use it 1 turn earlier (8th) with a smite, or same turn (9th) with Mind blast or 2nd level Shadowform for much better results, Malygos I found was too late and you either had to hold onto your coin for same turn 7 dmg smite or cast it 10th, by then I found it was probably too late. I was also running Dragonling Mech to help with threats but I trashed that cause it was too expensive for what it did.

I too have had issues with 4 attack minions, Yeti, Misha, Sunwalker, Azure drake, so I decided join em and add Drakes and Sunwalkers to my deck. I now also hold onto my Holy Fire especially for those, but at 6th turn it's nearly too late. Another trick is on 7th, if you already have shadow form active you can use your power once for 2 dmg, play your second Shadowform and cast it again for 3 dmg for a total of 5, which is quite useful to burn down 1 minion or remove 2. (you can also use this trick to heal first then do two damage if you are not yet in shadow form)

I might consider swapping out Mind Games for Mass dispel for the draw but I've had too much fun with it so far :-)

I've also been considering swapping Harrison Jones out for a Swamp Ooze so that I have some earlier threats vs non weapon heroes, but the draw potential is too great (although weapons rarely have more than 2 durability, it's best for a rogue who attacks then uses their power again because they have mana open)

So what do you think of my deck? Looking for any feedback, especially if you also run shadow priest (doesn't seem like there are too many of us out there)

P.S. Who else agrees with me that Auchenai Soulpriest is the worst card in the game? The only thing it is good for is it's synergy with Circle of healing apart from that forget using Holy Nova/Fire with that thing out. Shadowform is just better.