Tinkmaster overspark VS Sylvanas windrunner

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My main class is priest, i had just collected enough dusts to craft a legendary.
But i am stuck with either to go with Tinkmaster or windrunner.

they both are very good card,

Tinkmaster have a better synergy with priest.
he can turn a 4atk minion into a 5/5 , (shadow word death target)

i also heard that Windrunner have better popularity in the master rank for priest

So which one should i go?
or do anyone have other legendary cards option for priest?
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If I had to lose one from my deck, Sylvanas would go before Tink.
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Pagel is very good for control stlye priests. Ummm... Ysera/Rag/Cairn are all good (although boudlerfist orge works for a good Cairn replacement). I personally run tink just to deal with things like ysera, and Sylvanus is just fun and you can shadow word death her for a turn 8 mind control of a rag or something sometimes. They all are good, the one I consider the best... It would probably be Pagel? I guess, so hard to choose.

Edit: And Tink is probably a bit better then Windrunner.
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I'd give up my Sylvannas before I'd give up my Tinkmaster, he is just too useful in too many situations to drop him from my deck.
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Tink is more versatile imo
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Get Tink as your first legendary as you need a way to deal with the 4 attack minions the opponents drop. Tink turns the 4 attack into a harmless 1/1 or a 5/5 you can shadow word. This is esp. important against the 4/X drakes when you don't have silence, or Ysera when you don't have MC.
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