Miracle rogue or Gimmik rogue

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I have the exact deck for miracle rogue and honestly how in the world do rogues play this thing? I draw out all my card by T7 or T8, conceal my auctioneer and a massive vancleef then die next round. You cant play a rogue waiting for T7 and T8 to make your move in the current rush down smack your face meta game. And even if I could get to the next round my massive vancleef is not buffed up enough to OTK my opponent because in the first few rounds not enough damage was done to the opponent. In general you never get to the killing round because you are always dead right before it. I mean it is cool and all dropping the auctioneer and drawing your entire deck in one turn. But then I have a concealed massive vancleef then I die before getting to use him. Unless I am playing this deck wrong, and I don't think I am as I watched enough videos on players using this deck, but this was during a different meta game. Miracle gimmik more like it. IMO not a viable way to ladder at all, but a funny deck to play in casual if you wish to get a laugh or a chuckle out of.
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The videos you saw may have been outdated. The miracle rogue dropped out of style when the rogue got nerfed in the first major patch. It's not really that viable anymore with the adjustments Blizzard made. Still possible, but I wouldn't try it.
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I play a version of Kungen's miracle rogue deck (but lacking Nat, Thalnos and Edwin). And while it's fun and awesome when you pull it off, it's rather difficult. It revolves around GA and card drawing and the path to get there can be extremely difficult. Maybe it's due to me not having Edwin yet. I've been thinking about mixing in a QA but I think I'd rather save my dust for Edwin. In the mean time I run a minion heavy aggressive rogue deck instead and that's much more reliable.

TL;DR: miracle rogue is still fun and functional if somewhat unstable.
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You're doing it wrong. Miracle deck is very viable, and one of the most challenging to play (do I go for the face? Do I clear the board? Can I wait 1 more turn before I play X or Y? etc).

The deck isn't about making an UBER VC to 1 shot your opponent, VC is mostly used as a 4/4 or 6/6 drop to give you board presence or bait silences / removal from opponent (or make a good trade etc).

The deck is about both board control and doing some damage to opponent until you can play auctioneer and draw your deck to finish him off. Shadowstep Leeroy isn't either the only way to win, you will often use shadowsteps for SI:7's to help you with board situation or even get a kill (say opponent is at low hp but has 2 or more taunts you can't get by, no saps etc, leeroy would take 1 taunt out then you would die next turn, but a single agent comboed and 2xshadowsteps it's 6 damage to the face, add a shiv / eviscerate and you have a solid 7 / 10 dmg bypassing taunts etc).

You need to think very carefully about your starting hand vs different opponents (what you keep and what you mulligan, as in what would you need vs a specific class who might run aggro or control etc), when to play your coin, poisons, assassin's blade, blood mage, auctioneers etc.

I highly suggest to watch kolento's stream, he plays a lot of Miracle rogue at legendary rank, and he's very vocal about his plays, explaining why he did X or Y in a given situation, and how he analyzes and predicts the game flow for next turn etc.

Hope it helps!

PS: sure there will be frustrating games vs both control and aggro decks when you get a bad hand even after mulligan and there's nothing you can do to turn it around, but the good thing about Miracle, is to never give up, even when things look grim you can pull of a "Miracle" and 100-0% your opponent from 30 hp :)
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Played about 20ish or so games now using Kolento's Miracle Rogue Variation, No 2nd Preparation or Vancleef, however decks pretty fun. Just not when rngesus not on your side and you get horrible draws though... Or versus someone who put up big taunts several time...

Just had versused a priest a few minutes ago who put up Defender of Argus on a 'stolen' questing adventurer making it 7/7 and a Harvest Golem at 4/3. Got rid of both, and could've went for game, but guess what... 3/7 Tazdingo, just barely lost =/.
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I watched kolentos and he played very well and had a good deck but diddnt play a large variety of opponents or classes during the whole stream so I think its a bit misleading on how strong (or weak) the deck really are even in the right hands.
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Robot: you saw him going from 20 to legend with it? Or just the last part from like 6 to legend?

And yes it's outdated now, it's three+ weeks old iirc.

Bahamas, you're just using an outdated version.
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Miracle rogue is quite strong. I've been flying down the ladder with it. Rank 10 atm almost in 9. Though I havn't had much time to play much, I could easily hit to 5.

Miracle rogue is pretty powerful with the massive card draw you can get with auctioneer. And if you use the leeroy +ss + ss combo you can do some massive damage right away. (Can use Mana Golem for poor mans version).

But ye, the Miracle Rogue has a high skill cap too it and you need to play everything just right to pull off the "Miracles". But when you do boy does it feel good.
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02/23/2014 09:45 PMPosted by Shwab
he Miracle Rogue has a high skill cap too it and you need to play everything just right to pull off the "Miracles"

That is why I suck at it.
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02/24/2014 12:44 AMPosted by Bahumut
he Miracle Rogue has a high skill cap too it and you need to play everything just right to pull off the "Miracles"

That is why I suck at it.

Nah, you just need to practice more.
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