Warlock Hard Control - Issues In Lower Ranks

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Hey guys, I have a few rank 8-10 friends and have been building decks designed to counter them but still be worthy of ranked games. I'm concerned though that even though my deck works wonders vs legendary/epic/rare heavy decks, its awful vs the common filled decks I run across in rank 20 (Trying to push through the ranks but can't design a deck that is good at this rank)

1 Sacrificial Pact
1 Blood Imp
1 Voidwalker
1 Voodoo Doctor
1 Demonfire
2 Ironbeak Owls
1 Faerie Dragon
1 Knife Juggler
1 Youthful Brewmaster
2 Drain Life
2 Sense Demons
1 Shadowbolt
1 Big Game Hunter
1 Bloodknight
1 Earthenring Far Seer
2 Felguard
1 Harvest Golem
1 Magma Raider
2 Shadowflame
1 Bane of Doom
1 Siphon Soul
1 Dread Infernal
1 Lord Jaraxus
2 Sea Giants

The Ideal starting Hands are

-Coin+Felguard+Blood Imp for turn 2 placement of a Felguard (3/5 Taunt) Puts you back 1 mana point but it doesn't really hurt early if you have the coin.

-Faerie Dragon + Voidwalker + Bloodimp

This deck works well against my friends high aggression paladin, it works well against my other friends Paladin control deck (Lots of board wipes, lots of heavy minions, lots of heals)

But in my leauge, people only play 1/2's and like 3/2s and 1/4s and stupid !@#$ not worth any of my cards. or barely, but they have decks full of it. They typically have no legendaries, barely any epics.
I'm confused on why my decks so weak against them but not my higher ranked friends.
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TBH, you have a lot of stuff that is objectively awful. Sacrificial Pact, Felguard and Magma Raider are all just bad cards, unfortunately. Dread Infernal and Sense Demons are debatable but generally pretty bad as well. Replace some of these with more early game control (Mortal Coil is a great card right now) or taunts and it will help quite a bit. Also, Hellfire is pretty much mandatory in the current rush meta.
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Magma Raider? Are you trolling us, bro?
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02/22/2014 12:33 AMPosted by Rudugar
Magma Raider? Are you trolling us, bro?

it's probably just in case he has a lone blood imp on turn 2 he can coin into a 5/2 and get a big advantage early, and often having 1hp is exactly the same as having 2,3, or 4 in the mid/late game
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This looks like a mixture of a bunch of random cards with no real purpose other than fantasies about idea combinations that happen once in a blue moon. If you want a Warlock "hard"(as you put it) control(Giants it seems) deck than why just the Sea Giants without neither Mountain nor Molten Giants? Also if you're a control deck why so many low mana creatures? This deck is hardly a control deck at all and is nowhere near "hard" control. In fact it looks more like a mid range deck than a control deck and you're running a bunch of useless and suboptimal cards that shouldn't be in your deck.

Having a goal when creating a deck is good, in this case to counter your friends, which is not ideal obviously but it's fine. Your other goal seems to be to use the Warlock class to counter them, which is fine I guess but it does create problems, especially with your train of thought. You're trying to counter aggro decks it seems as those are usually cheaper and include more commons than control decks and for some reason you think that a standard Warlock control deck list has a problem with this type of decks that you decided you need to go more mid-rangish rather than pure control. Here is where your insistence on using the Warlock class is causing you problems, cause Warlocks are great at either all out aggro(like Warlock Murlocs) or all out control(like Handlock) however Warlocks are terrible at mid range. Now, a standard Handlock deck should easily destroy random cheap aggro decks without a lot of rares/epics/legendaries so you can just stick to that, or go the other direction and play aggro Warlock, be it Murlocs or Demons, as those too will easily destroy random cheap aggro decks. Your version is simply unfocused and plays to the Warlock's weakness rather than its strengths.
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