Ok so I have been playing this for about 2 weeks now and I like what I can do with it. Generally the games last at least 15-20 minutes. (This is the downside to it but I get into a late game situation every game and for traditional control that's what you want) Some nights I go on a tear with this deck and other nights I have trouble with it. So before I ramble anymore I will post the deck!

2x Mind Vision (sometimes the best cards to use are what your opponent is playing)
2x Power Word Shield (cantrips makes anything you play more durable)
1x Northshire Cleric (So close to removing this card situational and usually doesn't do what I want it to
2x Shadow Word Pain
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze (only one due to some decks not having weapons)
1x Ironbeak Owl (Silence is good!!!!)
1x Mad Bomber
2x Youthful Brewmaster ( allows for reuse of battlecry and for keeping opponents guys)
2x Shadow Word Death (Sometimes a dead card from the get go depending on opponent not sure
2x Thoughtsteal (Beast of a card so good!!!!)
1x Acolyte of Pain (99% of the time it replaces itself, if my opponent wastes hard removal on it GOOD!!!!!!!
1x Ironfur Grizzly
1x Mindgames (Should be 2 but still in crafting)
2x Shadow Madness (2 for 1 capability and with brewmaster a steal)
2x Sen'Jin Shieldmasta (Solid card)
2x Holy Nova
2x Abomination (helps with mass board control can seldomly backfire and is sometimes a dead card)
1x Gelbin Mekkatorque (So far fits what I need and only has a 1/3 chance of being so-so)
2x Mind Control (Staple)

So eventually I want to fit in a tinkmaster, Black knight, and Bloodmage plus that final mindgame.
I added the brewmaster to help with mindgames as well to take advantage of any possible battlecry. I have played about 25 games with this version so far and I like my results but as for any deck with limited card resources, the meta will always change.
FYI I do not have any legendaries and the two I have gotten have been d'e'ed for crafting. I know certain legendaries would be so much better but please bare with me. Any advice would be awesome!!!!