My Giants deck. Worth adding a Faceless?

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The following is my Warlock Giants deck I enjoy playing. Was wondering if I should add a faceless to it.

Void walkers x2
Demon fire x2
Acidic swamp ooze x1
Sunfury x2
Shadow bolt x2
Twlight Drake x2
Tinkmaster x1
Hellfire x2
Spellbreaker x2
Fen creaper x1
Siphone Soul x2
DOA x2
Big Game Hunter x1
Black Knight x1
Twisting Nether x1
Alexstrasa x1
Lord Jaraaxus x1
Mountain Giant x2
Molten Giant x2

Thoughts on what to remove to add in a faceless?
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demon fire or hellfire.
hellfire hurts your giants and make them vulnerable to charge cards.
demon fire buffs your giants which isn't necessary, the 2 damage is a nice option though.

I'd pick to remove hellfire.
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Demon Fire
Fen Creeper
Big Game Hunter OR Tinkmaster
Black Knight


Acnient Watchers
Sunfury Protectors
Defenders of Argus
Earthern Ring Farseer

For AoE I would suggest 1 Shadow Flame and 2 Hellfire
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02/21/2014 02:01 PMPosted by Storm
demon fire buffs your giants which isn't necessary, the 2 damage is a nice option though.

If only Giants were demons
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Yeah you can't buff giants with demon fire, heck I would recommend removing demon fire from the deck and instead use unstable power, particularly effective against early/mid game taunts, and to finish off in late game as a surprise

Faceless is a very strong card, its definitely more versatile then giants, but I would not remove a giant in favor of a faceless (I would instead remove another card). The ability to copy an enemies super pumped minion is incredibly strong ability, it can easily work as a 5 mana cost removal (in worst case) in such a way
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I climbed rank fast with this deck. Got to rank 12 and lost a bunch in a row back down to 14, not sure WTF happened.
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