Feedback: I don't like the Rogue

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The only class I honestly struggle building decks with is the Rogue. I feel like there are three types of decks to build with the Rogue:

1) Aggro

Rogue Aggro decks focus on early aggression and utilize the tempo advantage from using zero cost spells like Backstab, as well as burst damage like Leeroy Jenkins with Shadowstep to quickly end the game.

Unlike Hunters or Warlocks, Rogue Aggro has no draw mechanics and it makes the deck feel like a huge gamble. For example, already at your first turn you gamble on whether you get to go second and get the valuable Coin to help trigger your early combo cards.

2) Miracle

Miracle Rogue decks focus on cards like Gadgetzan Auctioneer to quickly cycle through their games and play ton of cards on their turn with cards like Questing Adventurer, Leeroy Jenkins, Mana Addict or or Edwin Vancleef to deal damage.

This has been my favorite kind of Rogue deck, but ultimately one that feels too luck dependent to run properly. You need to draw the Gadgetzan Auctioneer to start cycling through your spells and most rush decks can easily burn it to the ground.

3) Spell Damage

The kind of Rogue deck I'm currently running, a spell damage Rogue deck focuses on controlling the board while using spell damage minions to amplify their good recycling spells like Shiv and Fan of Knives to deal damage.

While this deck is great, it suffers from one glaring issue: The spells themselves deal next to no damage on their own. You need spell power minions for cards like Shiv or Fan of Knives to become effective removal, and the lack of spell cards make your choices extremely limited (in comparison to e.g. the Mage).

The overall pressing issues with the Rogue are, in my opinion:

1. The coin feels like it has too much impact on the Rogue early game. The Rogue needs to draw something like Deadly Poison or Backstab to proc combos without it and those mechanics have requirements much harder to meet than simply coining out your Defias Ringleader (needing to equip a weapon, and needing opponent to play a minion).

2. Sprint is the Rogue's only draw power mechanic and it doesn't fit the Rogue class in its current design. The Rogue is an early/mid game class and has no real cards that support late game, especially something that causes such a huge loss of tempo.

3. The hero power feels underwhelming since the nerf. 2 mana to equip a 1/2 knife is worthless in mid and late game without Deadly Poison and having weapons in the deck make the hero power directly bad to use since it replaces your better weapon. The Rogue also ends up taking way too much damage when using the hero power to remove minions like how the Druid or Mage can use theirs.

What I generally feel like the Rogue class could use:

- A card that permanently improves the hero power so it becomes more substantial mid and late game, like Shadow Form for the Priest (only this needs to not suck).

- A card that allows the Rogue to draw more cards early game to support miracle decks without having to rely purely on a single neutral 5 cost 4/4 minion.

- More late game cards so playing a Rogue control deck is more viable.

- More options for triggering combos, so there's not such a huge difference between going first and second for the Rogue.

Here's an example of a card I made I think that would make a Rogue end game deck much more viable:
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i've never had an issue playing with a rogue deck, and neither have i had an issue with card draw, the only thing i can see being a problem in the early game for ME is the coin, although it'll slow me in the early game late game is all my opponent getting curve stomped though i use a handfull of legendaries to make this work such as nat pagel, bloodmage thalnos, ragnaros edward and ysera, i dont always get to use them all but ragnaros is a staple to most decks anyways, the burst of 8 damage is amazing.

i use my deck to force my opponent to blow all their major card removals and then i start putting forth stronger and stronger creatures to force them to waste their good minions and spells

bloodmage should be a staple for every deck aswell, seeing how its so versatile and useful making backstabs and other spells be a major removal

Natpagel is one of my favorite cards comboed with cold blood, making it a 4/4 in early game is devastating making it a huge target for removals

SI: 7 agent is one of my favorite cards and if a rogue deck doesnt have one your doing it wrong

as for rogues hero power, at 6 mana you can put down a spitful smith, use shiv on it use backstab or just take down some of their minions hp with it and you'll make your 1/2 daggers into 3/2 as long as its on the field

if your curious of what my deck comp is i can post it on here but my mana curve currently is 3/2/8/7/4/3/1/2

i've tweaked the deck alot and it has more room for improvement as i dont use alot of cards such as sinister strike, deadly poison, shadowstep, conceal, fan of knives, shiv, sap, betrayal,vanish, Or SPRINT, my deck has good card draw and sprint is really not needed,

playing a rogue deck is nice i dont understand why i like it over alot of others but i find a way to make it work against alot of deck styles

i play hearthstone for fun so i really dont understand alot of the terminology you used to describe the types, i guess mines is a mix of all three just depends on the situation if you want to duel against me for fun my ID is " Xjester#1738"
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I would like to see your deck xjester. Currently Rogue is my favorite class and the one I play the best. I have been hovering around ranks 12-10.
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I don't think you can fit rag in any rogue deck at all. Rogue has to always get ahead on board, you can't afford to have a dead card in your hand. The three decks I find super hard to beat are control warrior, burn hunter and especially hand lock. In other match ups, the big cards usually come in turn 6(cairne etc etc), that's when you should have a board lead and start racing. But against handlock, turn 4 twilight drakes are just cards I can never beat. Either trading 3 cards for 1 leaving yourself with no board and card disadvantage, or start going for the face on turn 4 knowing you will never make it. It's just frustrating.
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Currently only two viable builds are Miracle variations and Tempo variations.

Miracle decklists may vary a lot (these days kolento version is most preferred), but tempo one is pretty much the same.

x2 of Argent Squire, Loot Hoarder, Backstab ,Deadly Poison, Eviscerate, SI7 Agent, Defender of Argus, Azure Drake, Argent Commander, Harvest Golem and x1 Blade Flurry, x1 Assassinate are pretty much same. (22 cards)

Rest vary among legendary cards, their replacements, Defias Ringleader and silence minions.
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imo if you run argent squires you have to pack blood knight(s). any argent squire topdecks in the later stage of the game does totally nothing to contest the board.
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