feel good priest arena mind vision FTW

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back story: playing arena have decent priest draft its got alot of spells 2x holy nova 4xshadow word pain i wasn't sure this was a good idea at first but omg does it get hilarious value throught the games anyways this particular mage gets matched up with me after i get 3 mages in a row murder them all which more or less told me that this priest draft had alot of potential so long as i don't draw terribly so the match starts i have a pretty terrible hand we go threw the motions i end up having to waste both my holy novas early in the game so that i don't fall behind 4 shadow word pains i mulligan three cards didn't get a one not even after 2 or 3 draws boards clear i start drawing into my more useful cards get my northshire cleric out get some high health minions out again we go threw the motions no one is giving an inch the mage threwout the game flamestrikes me not once not twice not even three times i counted i got flame striked 4 times and its still a back and forth game every chance i get i'm healing myself or a damaged minion i waste my one mind control to steal a lord of the arena earlier in the game which is immediatly flame striked were down to the last 8 or so cards in our deck and i draw into both my mind vision and my thoughsteal thoughtsteal gives me fireball and polymorph but mind vision of the three cards in the mages hand gives me his deathwing and the mage knows it cause the whole game from then on is played knowing that this is now a game of who can deathwing last he even pulls a ragnaros out towards the end as we both start to hit fatigue thankfully the mage had no way to heal the entire game and is at 15 health while i'm sitting at 26 continuing to spam my heals on my self this is how close and amazing this game was after he summoned ragnaros i immediatly summoned my abomination the rag hits the abomination no the rag is at 6 health next turn i draw into soul priest start pinging rag with my hero power finally the ragnaros dies to the soulpriest who i had suicide into the ragnaros so i could start healing again 1 card each both are deathwing i'm at 12 health the mage is at 7 my mind vision from at least 8 turns back has saved me from a complete loss

http://imgur.com/05v2oYq BEST GAME EVER
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02/22/2014 12:52 AMPosted by KingCronus
Fu*k mages and their bs removals, good job!

Mages!? What about Shamans. My friggin' gawd. I honestly think I had one minor misplay in a recent game and there was simply nothing I could do. I don't think I had a minion up for more than 2 turns, if that, at any point in the game.
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anyone have any thoughts on the use of 4x shadow word pain i find it very effect against water elementals lol

just finished the draft went 5/3 :( gut rushed down by a hunter an didn't have the board presence or shadow word deaths to deal with two diffrent druids with double ironbark
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