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Hello everyone.
What are your thoughts on a rogue in a f2p? There is a low budget viability to it? This is not a thread about my deck but about every rogue f2p deck.

I really like rogue and I believe I'm able to get somewhere with it f2p, but I'd like to hear some feedback. I got to rank 15 2 days ago without much problem. I stopped and was doing casual play games to test and change cards while geting gold and doing quests(and doing arenas as soon as I got the gold for it).

Here is my deck:

I'm trying to get dust to change this reckless rocketeer for an arcane golem.
This deck is kind of miracle inspired, but I think a real miracle, spell heavy, needs combos that are only possible via preparation.

When I was going for some really big questing adventurers as my main damage source(low budget edwin) I was geting inconsistent. There was too much luck involved. Then I slowly add some spell power minions to help the early-mid game to the point I had too much of them and I needed good draws in order to line a big combo. I tried to balance it up in a way that I could control the early-mid game, speeding the draws to set up a nice auctioneer play. This is kinda of what a miracle is, but I went more to a kind of control, I dont know. I'd still call my deck a miracle rogue, but the gameplay I'm going for is not the same as on kolento's deck, for example. He relies on big prep leeroys and edwins, that way small opportunites deal big damage, but low budget needs a little more setup. I dont see how to make a viable "low budget kolento".

And what about you, f2p rogue players. What do you guys go for? What do you think about the viability of a f2p rogue compared to the other classes?
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There are 2 philosophies concerning miracle rogues:
-Old miracle: I wanna make a huge !@# vancleef/adventurer with my combos
-Kolento's: I have a better chance of winning if i play my 30 cards before u play 10 of ures.

Both of those require to go for massive and fast drawing power and they use Preparation to achieve this. Also, while you can probably play the deck without vancleef or leeroy, you're making an already hard deck to play even harder. In other words, beside auctioneer, you're missing every core cards of the deck. You should at the very least get Preparations before considering this deck.

On the other topic, F2P rogues can do well in higher ranks. Aggro rogues, mid range rogues, look those up on websites with decklists or you can check the topic i made about mid range rogues (i posted a F2P rogue deck there that does well in rank 5+).
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Hello, Kyrae.

What do you mean by massive and fast drawing power through preparation?
Do you mean already having a good auctioneer and then lower the cost of the spells to massive draw? I agree that is really strong and would buff adventurer a lot or cast a massive edwin.
But being in this position where I'm free casting, with my auctioneer, is already strong without preparation, dont you agree? Once I'm free casting and drawing and buffing my adventurer, the game was probably already won, even though having an auctioneer and a buff edwin/adventurer at the same time is a really rare scenario. The preps combos would be a nice addition to this combos, but thats half way to win.

I think the hard gimmic of this deck is to get in that position on top. Rushing spells using preparation before that good auctioneer could drain your resources and since miracle, IMO, is suposed to be a really slow deck, that position is half the way to losing the game.

The most significant thing I think a f2p "miracle" lacks is leeroy. Leeroy + prep is 12 damage out of nowhere. And if you're really behind, double prep leeroy is 18 damage without any setup. That can really save you.
The thing about having arcane golem instead of leeroy is that double prep golem would deal 12 damage instead of 18(with a lower mana cost anyway). That means you can't be that behind to pull an "out of nowhere" save. Having double prep plus leeroy/golem is a non common scenario, anyway.

But anyway, I think I might be wrong and those small combo adventages a p2w deck has may be crucial to make a f2p deck not viable.
I like to think that making the right choices and building a good synergetic deck can compensate for that. Eventually I might get an useless legendary in a pack and that would be a prep I'll add to the deck.

Today I ran arena and crafted an arcane golem which I put in rocketeer's place.
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An auctioneer turn with preparation is a completly different game than a turn without. Not only does it allow you to draw 2 extra cards from him, it also doesn't use any of your mana pool so you can continue spamming the lower cost spells while the higher cost 1's are lowered by prep. It can also save you enought mana to drop a van cleef the same turn u played those 6+ spells. It has other uses like being able to buff up questing adventurer really early or simply playing prep to active the Combo mechanic.
The utility that Preparation brings to the deck is not something you can simply brush off, but i guess u gotta play it first to understand.
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There is one word that could summarize a miracle rogue deck and that's "opportunity". You sit and wait for just that moment where you can penetrate his defenses and gain leathal in one swift blow. Sometimes it's a Leeroy + CB + CB + SS, sometimes it's a Super buffed VC and some times it's just two Evicserates to the head. Miracle rogue is hard enough to pull off with all the right cards. It can be nigh impossible if you are missing the key cards.

That said, here is a link of a budget variant of miracle rogue without Prep but with QA and MA. I've tried it and it works quite well if you still want to go down the miracle path. http://2p.com/2318488_1/Video-Rogue-Budget-Deck-Guide-by-Vincent.htm

Otherwise, a more aggressive and minion heavy rogue deck is much more reliable and easy to pull of untill you muster the dust to craft the right cards. I personally run this one and it works quite well

2x Backstab
1x Cold Blood
2x Deadly Poison
2x Argent Squire
1x Betrayal
2x Defias Ringleader
2x Eviscerate
1x Novice Engineer
2x Harvest Golem
2x Loot Hoarder
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
2x SI-7 Agent
2x Dark Iron Dwarf
2x Defender of Argus
1x Assassinate
2x Azure Drake
2x Argent Commander

You can model this as you wish. Maybe taking CB out and adding an Arcane Golem for more burst.
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Do you play f2p, Skyclad?

Aggro rogue can be really strong, I agree. I think aggro decks always have something to play, which takes away that helplessness feeling that a miracle could give you when things dont work out for you. And aggro is a cheap one to craft, too.
I'll try some aggro rogue sometime.

Also, I might get one preparation this week, but I still believe in the viability of a non-prep deck.

I checked this deck you posted. Isnt it from another patch?
The videos are somewhat old. But the "deck" image seems to be updated.

And about the cards in that image, I ran a deck really similar to that with mana addict, headcrack and dalaran mage.
Headcrack, when I was going to craft, seemed to me like a good card to keep drawing and buffing endlessly, but later it felt pretty heavy in my hand and since you cant start a combo with it, you need to start the combo with the card you draw from headcrack, and if it is another card that needs a combo, it is a major problem. Headcrack only have any utility really late in the game, when you drew most of your deck, hence I see no need to 2 headcracks in any kind of deck.
Dalaran mage I think should be replaced with a kobold. And mana addict, even though seems pretty strong in paper, does not get its power used early since you're not casting many spells and it is easily removed later when you are comboing your things. I was going to craft one but luckly I got mine from packs.
I dont think Defias ringleader work in a combo deck because you'll not likely be comboing him early in the game. He, in most games, will end up being a 2/2 2 mana, or will be a easy-to-remove card later in the game. I'd pick a SI7 instead. In a aggro or a more fast deck it is pretty good, though.

These thing I got from trial-and-error with my deck.
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I made a f2p "holy" rogue that got to rank 5. I could not get past 5 tho.
the concept was simple

used minions with divine shield and buffing minions, like sheltering cleric
do as mmuch damage as you can with them.
finish off end game with assassin's blade + poison or enraged smith
the rares were 2 argent commanders and 2 si7 agents. everything else was common or uncommon.

i've been trying to do a f2p miracle rogue with raging worgen. it works ok.
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I made a f2p "holy" rogue that got to rank 5. I could not get past 5 tho.
the concept was simple

used minions with divine shield and buffing minions, like sheltering cleric
do as mmuch damage as you can with them.
finish off end game with assassin's blade + poison or enraged smith
the rares were 2 argent commanders and 2 si7 agents. everything else was common or uncommon.

i've been trying to do a f2p miracle rogue with raging worgen. it works ok.

Cool, never seen a rogue using divine shield. I'll try to run one and see how I feel about it :D

And update, I ran 3 arenas and were able to craft one preparation. My second prep might come this week and my deck will be ready, since I won't be crafting a leeroy.
The deck now looks like this:
Picture second prep instead of 2 questing adventurer(it is where I think I'll put it). If I get a second acolite of pain I might put it in the deck.

I win streaked from rank 20 to rank 13, where I ended the season, with a novice engineer instead of prep.
Most of the time I was playing casual and doing quests to get gold.

As a new season starts, every deck in ranked is a p2w deck now.
I was playing against some heavy p2w decks and changed the deck a little bit, so right now it is like this:

I was doing quite well. Won some nice games against some 4+ legendaries deck(sap = p2w killer) and got to rank 19 playing against some quite heavy p2w decks. Between rank 20 and 19 I got matched with some REALLY p2w heavy decks(I never got so high ranked to play against these guys and they never play casual like I do to get my gold) and I got there with a win streak, so that shows me that a f2p deck can work. I'm happy and feel kinda accomplished.
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